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i stayed in the metro over the long weekend, opting out of several invites to a variety of destinations. these are strange times, indeed. whereas i have made holidays of other mondays or fridays, i have reduced this labor day weekend to a missed opportunity. but not completely a loss, really, since i did get to see zsazsa zaturnnah: ze muzikal. i've had the hardest time trying to get good seats, and the only ticket i was able to get was one up in the balcony. yes, i went alone, since most of my friends who might at the least be interested in a musical were too busy doing other things. either that or i've lost contact with most of them. while i did go alone, i met with a handful of friends. surprisingly, one was from AMCI! most of them were from my days as a young man dreaming of literary delusions.

i really loved the musical, notwithstanding my awful view. it was over-the-top. now i don't want to get into theater-review mode, but since i own carlo vergara's comic and have read it prior to my watching the musical, i can't help but compare. okay, so chris martinez (whom i also know) retained nearly all of the jokes and dialogue from the comic, adding only a few updated swardspeak and philippine cinema spoofs (after all, the amazonistas were named after 4 local showbiz icons... is dina bonnevie an icon?), but i pictured ada to be well, a little more restrained and softspoken, at least while he was ada. and although eula was amazing as zsazsa, i expected the superhero to be a bit more, uhm, boobsy. the actor who played didi nearly stole the show, although i think he should've shaved his armpits. queen femina was really good; she brought the comic book character to life. dodong, played by arnold reyes (he has a few TV ads to his credit, and even, i think, an appearance in cosmo), was lacking in the vocal department, but did well, in all other respects, except that his accent somewhat threw off the bucolic southern luzon location of the musical.

now what chris did in faithfully adapting the comic for the stage was good, but many of the jokes and punchlines were lost. some of these lines were better delivered with the benefit of panels and even bolder letters.

so there's going to be a third run, with audience participation. i can't wait for that. yes, it's so "rocky horror show" (which i also saw in RCBC theater -- incidentally, i saw calvin millado who played the lead role in that musical, and he's really fat! he can't play dr. frank n furter anymore with that gut. maybe ursula), but this only means i have to get the CD. a note about the songs though: this isn't "rent" (which i also watched at GSIS), and there were few melodies of note. although i liked seeing ada and zsazsa singing together for one of the more dramatic songs, the ones that i remember are the faster, quirkier songs which almost have the same beat, tempo, and arrangement. but i'm not very musically inclined, so i'll end my note there.

anyway, other than seeing zsazsa, i also dropped by quiapo to have my pictures for the AMCI exhibit printed. i didn't realize i had nearly a hundred prints made! goodness. they asked my permission if they could use their digital machine in printing from film, and i agreed, but i have to say it's leagues different from good old manual printing. i noticed that digital has difficulty distinguishing between shades of the same hue, such that my landscapes with stuns of greens appear like they've been rubbed. also, tones and color scales are ignored, or replaced by iffy dots and worse, squares! generally, the pictures also appeared very dark. there are at least 5 pictures i'd like reprinted but it was going to be too much of a hassle, so i decided against it.

finally, yesterday, i went to kamuning to have some new threads made. i need to get new barongs since i decided to get rid of my old ones with the fading and frayed collars.

so all in all, a fruitful long labor day weekend spent in manila. and i didn't have to attend any rallies for that.
Hmm. When did you watch? I watched on Saturday. I thought that Arnold Reyes sucked. I mean, sure, the dancing was great but his delivery of the lines felt...well, unnatural. Never mind the singing. As for Didi, he outclassed everyone. Everyone.
i watched the sunday show. hehe.

by "all other respects" i meant that arnold did well in portraying dodong as an object of desire: nice body, good looks, awkward yet passable dancing. which is sad, considering he's had previous theater acting experience. i was noticing his pain as he groped with singing "ikaw, ang superhero ng buhay ko."

let's watch the last run this june! :D
Oh, I might actually be able to! I wonder where I can get the tickets though. A friend purchased it for me when I watched it.
curses! you should have told me and I would have gone with you! wanted to watch that pa naman. thad's not interested.
sige na nga i'll include you when i make reservations for its last run this june. :D