AMCI updates

the other day, we had elections for the still vacant AMCI post for auditor. the turnout was blah: only 42 cast their votes, and 1 abstained. i hope no one makes a fuss about quorum since i have no desire to preside over another special election, particularly when quorum can't be guaranteed. that being over, however, does not mean the end of my duties as elecom chair. there's still the matter of the referendum. goodness.

more on AMCI. i did a pitch over lunch yesterday to folks from URC. i remember telling nathan while he was interviewing me for my current job that "marketing doesn't come naturally to me". i have to revise that statement to "i didn't know that marketing came naturally to me" because i think i acquitted myself rather well, convincing these girls why they should fork over P50k. i even did a powerpoint presentation. they are going to be major sponsors! anyway, malvin drove me back to the office in his new innova. what a fat liar this malvin. during tin's birthday last friday at the contessa KTV, he told me that i'd be really proud of him because he has new wheels -- supposedly a fortuner, even dangling his new key with the toyota logo. as i correctly predicted, he was just stretching the truth.

yesterday, i attended the last pre-climb for the BBBS activity next weekend. i joined this same undertaking last year when we brought books to the communities around mt. ugo. i'll be baby-sitting alexis once again. it's going to be a fairly large group as maricor and a few others are joining us. then later this evening, i'll be lending a hand to the exhibit we're putting up in the glorietta 4 cinema concourse. busy busy busy.

so my answer to beng's question: no. not yet.
haha. yun din sinabi ko: "bumili wife mo ng bagong kotse?" he said he had to give up his terrano and his corolla for it. i bet.
hala lagot ka. binabasa ni malvin ang blog ko. hindi pwedeng maging "atin atin lang ito". haha. tinawagan ako. haha.
Its a pity you won'be be able to come with us to Ugo. Enjoy Kinabalu. I going to wait for your post. BTw, for old time's sake, wanna torture FRancis in Abra? :-)
yep mercy your batchmate. anong pinorpormahan?! Sila na noh! hehehehe sama ng taste ni Mercy diba? Sarap tuksuhin. :-) di mo alam. huli ka na sa tsimis
I heard you were kinda "loud" at the URC pitch. CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKA! :)
well, only loud enough so they could hear everything. mag traveling salesman na lang kaya ako?
Special Election
Sorry, I wasn't able to help out. Was in Baguio for the Supreme Court's summer session. Was there for a whole week and had a grand time! Will try to get the Anita Shreve book (which I hope is NOT the small pocket-book type) this week.