a sinking ship

i saw the movie "poseidon" with kuya mar last night at glorietta, and i felt the producers sunk $160 million with the action flick. it was pretty bland, and it ended, really, when the road wave smashed into the luxury liner. i felt the movie failed to capture humanity in the face of disaster, and its dramatic moments (when elena died and when chris was asking his bride-to-be to say "i love you") were drowned by bad acting and really cheesy lines. wasn't richard dreyfuss nominated for an oscar? his role was pretty understated.

anyway, the AMCI photo exhibit is in full swing, and i contributed a few photos to the annual activity. even before i became an AMCI member, iton actually exhibited a few of my photographs last year. to anyone interested in mountaineering, check out our photo exhibit at glorietta (which runs till the 14th, and transfers to the greenbelt 3 cinema lobby till the 21st). orientation for our BMC will be on the 31st at the Equitable-PCIB theater.

other than mountaineering, AMCI members are also afficionados of badminton. last sunday, we had our second tournament again at badminton arena. despite a bad shoulder (an injury i sustained at our company outing, and which still hurts to this day), i played. i was in level C with my partner angel, who was very new to the sport. we won 1 game, at least, and lost all the others. towards the end of the first game, i was already feeling a jab of pain on my right shoulder. by the second and third, i could hardly extend my right arm. of course, i have to have an explanation why we lost. haha. but it really is painful. i can't sleep sideways. i can't fully extend it when i'm wearing a shirt. i can't even hold a microphone too long with it. i have to undergo therapy, i think. i ignored it the first time because i thought it was just a muscle pain. now i fear it might be worse, especially after what happened to arlene. i hope it isn't too bad. will have it checked soon.
oh i didn't even bother watching poseidon. did you watch the original version though?

watch MI3! i have been raving about it :D

so where in glorietta?

and get your shoulder checked before it gets any worse
well, it was the premier, and the tickets were free. so that explains why i was there. come to think of it, narnia was the last movie i saw prior to poseidon. i suck!

visit us at the glorietta 4 cinema concourse, right in front of starbucks. :D
watch MI3! or Over the Hedge, which i'm watching for the Shatman. and da vinci code maybe, but only for the shots of the louvre.

i'll drop by at some point. when will you be there?
we're moving the exhibit over to greenbelt 3 this sunday. i'll be manning the exhibit after work, around 7pm onwards, almost everyday. i will probably be there too whole day saturday and sunday.

i hope i get to see MI3. i didn't even see "brokeback mountain" and tons of other good stuff. what's wrong with me? haha.
you're too busy manning exhibits, that's what ;)

hey cinema lobby... you can, maybe, perhaps WATCH something!

i'll drop by next week with a bunch of people. congrats on the exhibit btw.