last night, i took out a few of my AMCI friends for two rounds of beer. it is somewhat uncharacteristic of me to be treating anyone to beer, most especially since i used to have a policy about beer: that i'll only drink it if someone else pays. of course, that is a policy that has long been in hibernation. the previous night, i was also at gilligan's, trying to hear what everyone else is saying because of the loud music, and doing back-to-back bottoms' up on malvin's dare. the second bottle was a strong ice, so you can imagine the whapaak! that brought down my brain cell count by a few. speaking of malvin, he's still a lot sore about the comment cutebalddiver left on one of my entries. i kept telling him that it served no purpose that he poured his sentiments on me, since i didn't make the comment.

later tonight, i leave for abra for the BBBS outreach project. i have been to abra before, way back in 1998, to participate in the cordillera day, and i wrote an essay about it which saw print in the philippine collegian. 4 years later, i resurrected and revised that essay and entered it in the philippine star's 2nd travel now essay writing contest, and it won 1st place. it was a windfall for me, since i won a nokia 7650, all-expense paid trips for 2 to balicasag island in bohol and boracay, and pocket money. the essay's title was "abracadabra: the magic of the cordilleras". i hope that my return to this province will endow me with profound enough an experience from which i could weave a mighty good yarn. ever since my "breakthrough" article on batanes in 2003, i haven't managed to write any travel articles of note. i shudder at the thought that i have forgotten how to write. i will confess that now, i cannot even write one line of a poem. it is as if i've never written poetry before. i am now this untalented lawyer with itchy feet.

of course, whether or not my experience would be worth writing an essay about is secondary only to our primordial purpose for going to abra. last year, i wrote that the BBBS project in ugo was a "feel good climb", precisely because we brought joy to many schoolchildren in the communities surrounding mt. ugo, and that joy in clearly infectious. i hope that this endeavor brings just as much happiness to our intended beneficiaries.

come to think of it, i have not managed to climb since mt. natib. i went camping in anawangin, but nothing quite beats the feeling of being along the slopes and at the summit of a new mountain. i hope the mt. kinabalu climb infuses me with renewed energy and desire to climb more mountains, and to conquer more of myself.

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monday. by then the exhibit would've been moved to greenbelt 3. although to be honest, i don't quite think that's the kind of crowd we want to attract. :D
The shala-inigo/kitkat crowd? ooooh interesting. I can see this in the future: pinag-enroll ang mga chims at ers nila para magbuhat ng portalet sa bundok. Saya saya! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKA!
yun na nga eh. someone was supposed to ask sir manny to have the exhibit moved to greenbelt 1. sana naman dun lang. walang fastfood na mura sa GB3.
Re: hahaha
na move na sa GB1. syet, talagang tampo pa si malvin sa akin. i meant no harm. i just wanted to tease him. paki sabi wag na mag tampo sa akin. magkaka wrinkles siya. :-)
take care on ur way to abra. bumabagyo pa naman.
hi em. it was nice to have finally met you and obey. you look really good together. :D
Hi Alman. I finally saw you at GB1! :-) I was one of those who liked your article äbracadabra¨ very much :-)and I used to read your blog avidly. We were late for the Da Vinci Code movie (which I hated) so I did not approach you. Anyways, I´m back to reading your blog again :-)keep filling your life with adventures!!
really? cool. hope you got to see the exhibit. i had a few of my pictures exhibited there. too bad about the movie. i'm not sure if i'm too excited to see it actually. haven't even seen MI3. :D
Oh. First floor was dark already when we came out of the theater. Sayang. Yeah, I slept through the entire thing. Had the Catholic Church just let it be, I´m sure fewer people would have gone to see it. Not worth your money.

By the way, we just climbed pico de loro last Sunday, It was a harrowing experience. Our guide kept getting lost and I was bitten by something in the dark. The pain was excruciating I was in tears the entire night. Are you familiar with the insects in Loro? Do you know if bats are existent in that mountain?