will be gone for a few days

it is a few minutes till 9pm and i am still in the office, listening in on a conference call involving folks from the US, hong kong, australia, belgium, london, and paris. just this morning, at 8am, i was also in another call. so i've officially been in the office for over 12 hours. not complaining. but i'm really in a hurry to get home. to pack. tomorrow, at 1140am, i am scheduled to depart clark for kota kinabalu. after postponing the inevitable and opting out from last march's trip, i've decided to join bojo's group to the climb to mount kinabalu. i bought 300USD, and effectively emptied my coffers. well, not really, but i'm getting there. i think i've prepared well for the climb. bought the newest product from absoult: raspberi. hope it soothes us when the cold above 3000masl nips on our bones.

anyway, the AMCI photo exhibit is over, and i stayed there to make sure i get to take down my own photos. which was a great idea because my other pictures, the ones offered to death with evil double sided tapes, are virtual gonners. i'm still holding on to the fact that someone took interest in 1 of my photos, and is willing to fork over 2k for it. hope james saved the person's contact details.

after the exhibit, malvin had this great idea of driving up rizal for the AMCI kids' camp. i tagged along, got really drunk from a mix of 3 different gins, and woke up in an unfamiliar tent. i was so wasted that morning that when i got home, i just plopped down on my bed, woke up at 2pm, and tried, vainly, to go back to sleep. i was SICK the entire day. i felt weak. i had a painful headache. the world spun around me. i didn't have much appetite. i hated it. pour all the poisons! gin, in particular.

but that aside. passport, ready. ticket print out, ready. kota kinabalu, here i come!
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Sir, huli na kayo. And latest flavour ng Absolut e peach. Sarap with sprite or tonic water. :) -- Joanne (
Re: Absolut
really? just checked the absolut website. i hope it becomes available soon. didn't see it at the stall. :D
hey alman, i went to G3 to watch over the hedge. didn't see your exhibit though. where exactly was it?
oh. someone heard my comments about the G3 crowd and decided to move our exhibit over to G1. sorry about that. but it's ok. see you around soon, i hope. :D
how was the kota kinabalu adventure?