in advance of father's day

on the day that i was about to leave for kota kinabalu, my dad was in the hospital. i was told that he'd felt dizzy earlier and was taken there for observation. my mom downplayed it, and said that he was okay. i worried about him and was about to pop the question about whether i should skip my trip, but before i could ask it, my mom said that my dad specifically said that i shouldn't be prevented from leaving. i wanted to call my dad on his mobile, but my mom told me not to think too much about it and to just have fun in malaysia. i wasn't sure, but when my mom said that my dad was very grumpy and argued with the nurses, i thought, hey, that's my dad. he really must be doing okay.

so i left with some intangible burden on my back. i tried not to think too much about it, but it bothered me nevertheless, and since i didn't have roaming, i couldn't phone home to ask how he was doing. i just prayed for him and left his care in God's hands. nevertheless, when i got home, my mom nearly cried when she saw me. the drama stemmed from the fact that she confused malaysia as being in central java, where an earthquake levelled entire towns, killing more than 6,000 already. i was relieved to discover it had nothing to do with my dad.

the diagnosis was this: my dad actually suffered a mild stroke due to a cholesterol block in his veins. now having daily doses of oatmeal, he's partially lost his balance and needs some assistance to stand up, although this morning, i woke up to find him tending to his garden, using my mom's cane. that my mom downplayed his condition at the time that i left is pretty obvious -- so much so that she said i didn't have to talk to him. his speech was slurred for an entire day, and that would have made him sound really sick. my dad is 66 but was still very strong and able prior to his mild stroke. in spite of his weakened condition, he usually insists that he can manage on his own, which sometimes really irks my mom, because she worries he might fall.

the other day, he asked me if i could shave his moustache and his beard, and i did. i whisked out my gillette mach 3 and gillette shaving gel, and took out the gray shadow forming on his face. it was the first time that i'd shaved someone other than myself. it was a pretty intimate thing, actually, me feeling his chin and jaw to check if i'd missed a spot. and it was the least i could do to show how much i love my dad, and how much i appreciate his gesture. despite what he'd gone through, he still thought of me, and that nothing should get in the way of my plans that had formed for months. i wonder now, had i known his true condition at the time, if i would've left for KK nevertheless.
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Langya ka. Na-teary eyed ako sa shaving scene.

Anyway. This might be the stupidest thing you'll hear about this but...hey, one's gotta roll with the punches. So, keep your chin up!
ako rin :( parang na-imagine ko sya while helping his dad shave...actually na-imagine ko rin yung dad nya asking him to help him shave....syet pwedeng eksena sa pelikula! :)
i actually didn't find that stupid.

thanks paloys. my dad's feeling much better now. he's able to shave on his own. but i think he wants to borrow my gillette. haha.