mommy's garden

last saturday, just after it rained, i took pictures of my mom's current passion: her collection of crown of thorns plants. they're low-maintenance plants that thrive in sunlight. i don't pay much attention to them, and even often joke with my mom that they're mostly just leaves with few flowers. but they actually looked very nice right after the rain, with water beading from the petals and leaves.
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they're called EUPHORBIAS, which i think are succulents (something like cactis in the sense that they rarely need water and also have thorns). ava loves em too :)
Euphorbia milii to be precise. i looked them up over the net, and all i got were these species of cactus. i typed in "crown of thorns" and i got the scientific name i just mentioned. dami nito sa bahay, at siyempre konsintedor ako, binigyan ko pa mommy ko ng pera para makabili sya. haha.
ganda! uy, spinning instructor pala namin si igue/ige. kasama mo daw sya sa ayala mountaineers (?) club. hehehe. small world.
thanks obey. oo, kilala ko si igue. lakas ng damuhong yun. at wala yatang body fat. san nagtuturo ng spinning yun? FF?
oo! wala ata syang body fat, lekat. hahaha. sa office namin. may satellite "gym" ang loyola spinning studio sa baba ng office namin. hehehe. perks ng pagtrabaho sa Publicis Manila. :D