on nostalgia and sun stroke

i saw "superman returns" last friday at the power plant. kuya mar called me up and said he had extra tickets to a screening sponsored by deutsche bank for their clients. although the movie was scheduled to start at 9, cocktails were being served at mati. so i braved horrendous friday traffic and showed up at power plant. i asked for directions and a guard told me that i should turn left at kenneth cool [sic]. the food was really good at mati, and i don't remember tasting chicken as tender as what was served. i asked about mati's theme, which apparently was greek, and not mediterranean as i had suspected. and then i asked the question: so what's the connection between superman and greece? the waitress shrugged her shoulders. i answered my own question by saying: well, superman is a god. and then i gave myself helpings of all these treats whose names all sounded greek to me. quite surprisingly, lex luthor did actually refer to superman as a god (the part where he said something like gods fly around in a red costume while talking to lois lane onboard the gertrude).

anyway, i was just so happy with "superman returns". more than anything else, it was a magical, nostalgic trip for me. i was immediately reminded of a time when i was a schoolboy, in a public elementary school in quezon city, squat on the floor, watching the first superman on the small screen. i was reminded of how fascinated i was with the idea of flying. i was reminded of a time when i took out blankets from the closet, tied it around my neck, and jumped off tables and chairs. i remembered how i longed to be the last living survivor of a dead planet, endowed by the yellow sun with superpowers. i remembered all those things, and more. of course, my companions said that the movie lacked something. kuya mar just complained that his sleep was interrupted.

after the movie, i successfully convinced kuya mar and mardel to agree to having a round of drinks at the fort. i accidentally left my iPod on my table at the office and had to go back and get it.

* * *

then last saturday, i finally got to test drive my new nike badminton shoes at MSE's gators center. now i won't say my game has improved by leaps and bounds, but i think proper shoes will really have a profound effect on your footwork. if only i can smash stronger, all i have to really focus on is my backhand. then i can start taking badminton seriously. this august will mark my first year of playing the sport. has it all been worth it?

after badminton, the group proceed to som's noodle house and introduced other AMCI folk to its tasty treats. spices exploded in our mouths, and beads of sweat cascaded down our foreheads. and it wasn't because of the heat! then we moved to top grill. we walked to jupiter and i stubbed one of my toes while i was looking at a TV screen inside an "english" bar showing the england v. portugal match. it bled a little. although i had promised to only have 1 bottle, i had 2 more, and got home after 2am. i woke up less than 2 hours later. i still had to pack my deuter backpack as if i were going to climb, and lug it all the way to makati university as part of the lectures at BMC. good thing i got to hitch a ride with jenny. i talked very briefly about personal gear and group equipment, and asked the trainees to identify and distinguish the personal and group equipment down on the floor. after the lectures, we pushed through with my suggestion that we have stations where trainees actually get to pitch tents and operate stoves. my talus 23 was pitched and dismantled at least 7 times that day.

earlier that day, i also took my TNF gulper for a test drive and ran a 5km course around fort bonifacio. it was a good thing i got to experience running while the sun was out, because i'd almost forgotten that it was a lot different from plain running at night. it was so damn hot that day, and if i ran the extra 1km, i might have collapsed! i loaded my bladder with a liter of water, and it was kept cold till after the runs. although i have to admit that the sound of the water sloshing and jumping inside my hydration pack really irritated me. of course, lack of sleep and a slight hangover don't add up as a good prep for a hot run. and then i have to remind myself to bring a towel, goggles and swimming trunks next sunday. i swam 50 meters at the pool of makati park. it was a good workout. maybe next week i can do 2 laps! that is, if i'm not too tired from enduro. which reminds me, i have to get me a bike helmet.
kasi naman po hindi ako nagagawi ng power plant. sensya na at dukha ako. basahin ulit ang entry, lalo na yung part kung san nagkwento ako tungkol sa aking pagiging yagit na elementary school student sa isang pampublikong paaralan sa lungsod quezon, na sa school library lang nanood ng superman 1 & 2. nung mga panahong yun, hindi man lang ako nakakita ng loob ng isang sinehan. biruin mo. hindi kaming lahat ay singpalad mo TB. deprived na kung deprived. :D