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i went out with my friends last night to watch the semi-final match between portugal and france at the national sports grill, which i learned that night had transferred to greenbelt 3. i hesitated at first since i don't have any strong feelings about football, particularly the fifa world cup, because my country isn't playing, and because the game was scheduled to start at the ungodly hour of 3am. while my interest in the game is nothing derangedly fanatical, i do find myself reading about it a lot, wanting to know who's won, although i am not supporting any particular team. this morning though, i decided to root for portugal, because it appeared to me that they were the underdogs, and well, because i wanted to tick off my friends who were cheering for france. oh, also because of ferdinand magellan.

when the game started, i started clapping and cheering for portugal. there were pretty girls there with portugal shirts, and they're probably portuguese, but i don't know, although the majority of those who kept vigil inside national sports grill were on the french side. those who wore the maroon jersey were mostly stationed outside. luis figo's and cristiano ronaldo's faces flash on screen and i hoot and cheer. then they show zinedine zidane's mug and this guy behind me practically shouts at my ear. i ignored it at first, thinking, he must really be a fan. as the night wore on, i get really irritated by him.

he kept shouting viva la france! viva la france! fine. cheer. but last i heard, they don't speak spanish in france. and yes, you know all the players of france. big deal. dinibdib mo siguro yung football for dummies na pinamimigay ng libre sa national sports grill. and please stop your jokes about it'll be open house at french baker and le coeur de france after zidane scored that penalty kick. sana dinagdag mo na rin ang delifrance para hindi paulit-ulit yung corny mong comment. walang natawa, kahit yung babaeng kasama mo na mas lalong hindi fan ng football. and let me remind you, it's le coeur de france. at nagsuot ka pa ng t-shirt na may french flag. galing penshoppe, mukhang bagong-bago. you know, i have no problem about you cheering for france, but why do you have to shout it at my ear? at parang pag pinapalakpakan ko yung portugal pag nakakalapit sila sa goal, bakit sinasabihan mo ako ng "no way jose. no way jose." hindi ako si jose (how-zey). tinulugan ko na nga ang kalahati ng second half, ginising mo pa ako nung muntik nang maka-score ang portugal. "walang makakalusot kay barthez!" hindi naman tayo magkakilala, pero parang pinipersonal mo ako, eh wala naman akong pakialam talaga sa football. nagpa-interview ka pa sa solar sports, sablay naman ang english mo. don't even let me start on your poor choice of words and your accent. and your logic defies convention: you tell us to support france and respect it because it beat the crap out of the world champions brazil. eh ngayon? just because it beat brazil we should change loyalties? and by we, i meant, non-france fans.

well, i'm not sure if i'm going to be a football fan henceforth, but i am considering the sport, since it has less post-colonial and cultural imperialism underpinnings compared with the NBA. it's still 4 years till the next world cup, which will be held in south africa. i did play a bit of football when i was in elementary school, and i come from mindanao where football is huge (i have at least 2 cousins who went on full scholarships playing varsity football), so i could probably get myself interested in the sport. my friends were actually surprised that i was rather knowledgeable of the current world cup considering i confessed i wasn't much of a fan. but that can change. like my previous view of badminton. amazing how your friends can influence you.

anyway, so many things are taking place. i administered the quiz last night for AMCI's BMC 2006. it was wildly different from previous quizzes, because this one had narratives! haha. reading comprehension required! i enjoyed making it. it was a lot trickier, than say just regurgitating memorized phrases. some guys did get perfect scores, so that just means the quiz wasn't totally impossible. i must admit though, that despite my liberal checking, some guys still got really disappointing scores. also, i'll be assisting beng for TC1 as her AGL. my group has chito, glenn, jomen, adonnis, genie, and michelle. i wonder how this one turns out. it'll be in mt. lamot in calauan, laguna. flashes of the UPLB rape slay here. so far, we only have 3 tents! good luck. i also already have the details of the san mig light adventure race. i asked my teammate jenny to attend the briefing, and after the organizers described the course, she said it'll be a cinch. haha. good luck again!
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You should've asked to take a picture of him. If he asks what for, tell him you collect assholes as a hobby.