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random rumination number 7 - pedestrian
over an hour ago, i chanced on my friend JC at the lift. he'll be leaving for boston later this month to pursue an MBA. unlikely for most lawyers, but not unlikely for JC. what he did confirm to me was that at least one associate in QT got over a million pesos in bonuses. lord, on the other hand, got a little less than a million. a batchmate since undergrad, lord was one of the few creative writing folks at UP whom i admired most for his talent. it is a pity that neither of us now write for art's sake. but that is not the point of this entry.

the point is this: i am often asked when i will be getting a car. when i went to law school, almost half of my classmates already drove cars, provided by rich and generous parents, doubtless. 3 years after law school, probably half of those who didn't have cars during law school now drive cars of their own. those who do not drive cars don't, not because they can't, but because they don't want to. in my case, it is a little because i don't want it yet, and a little because i can't. yes, if i really wanted a car, i could've used that desire as motivation to staying in a firm, where bonuses alone could sustain my payments for the year. but then i left the firm because i felt that the goal (having a car) isn't worth staying in a cutthroat environment that killed me gently.

in a way, this is my justification for why i remain to this day, a pathetic pedestrian. but regardless of not having fat million-peso bonuses, i do not envy my friends to the point that i find myself regretting my decision. the experiences i've collected in exchange for the great sacrifices i would have made just to sit on a set of wheels far outweigh the goal. yes, there are times i really really loathe commuting. but i'm pretty sure driving would drive me crazy. i love being a passenger, getting sleep during the 30 minutes it takes me to get to the MRT, and the hour or so it takes for me to get home. and besides, i think ava is right about one thing: if i traded my gadgets, i would've had more than enough money to pay for the downpayment of a decent sedan. so imagine that: how would life be without my iPod, my iBook, my nikon D70, my nikon F80, my lenses, my altec lansing speakers, my mountaineering gear, my mobile phones, my toys. i wouldn't trade them for a car. but then again, there's a lingering thought: if i earned a million in bonuses alone, i could have those gadgets AND a car. haha. oh well. really, no regrets.
Life is really about choices, making a selection and living with the outcome.

Those who have not lived life are those who have not made their choice at all. Making a choice is a risk. Paying the price for the risk rewards you with accountability and control.

Mountaineering is simplier as there is clarity in purpose. There is a single goal, to reach the peak. You hurdle each obstacle that gets into the way because you know there is only a single path.

When urban life gets complicated, think back what gifts the mountains have given you.

(Sorry ha sir, naging mini blog di ko pala blog ito.)
Re: Choices
you are most welcome to share your thoughts on anything tochs. thanks for dropping by.

i do agree with you. but i will confess it's something that's in the background. i get to ask myself a series of "what ifs" every now and then. but yes, i've made my choices, and i don't regret (most of) them. :D
Re: Choices
dont worry. marami naman ang willing to give you a ride. kahit hanggang philcoa....
Re: Choices
Keep your gadgets, they are already paid for. Then move out of QC and get a small SUV. The second one is important because you work south of the Pasig river. People who drive north on EDSA from Makati every night are crazy :)
Re: Choices
People who drive north on EDSA from Makati every night are crazy :)
Yes, we are crazy hehe...
On getting a car
Aha, so you agree with me! The truth is, you just can't live without your gadgets, and you're "relatively happy" even when you don't own a car. But as I've told you before, the sheer mobility afforded by driving one's own car is priceless, especially for such a kaladkarin traveler like yourself!
keep your gadgets and forget about the car. get a nice condo. that's more important. when i worked abroad, i didnt have a car and got around pretty well. i still use public transpo like the mrt and lrt. and cars are expensive. i just placed gas in my land rover and it cost me P3,300. and its suppose to last me a week.