sigh of relief

i got the results of my skull x-ray today. the radiologist made the following findings: my cranium is intact. no fracture line is seen. my skull and facial parts are "unremarkable". i swear, doctors are really bad communicators. yes, medicine is a very highly technical field which uses a very specific language. but so is law. i have seen more lawyers who are able to communicate the intricacies of the law and relate them even to people who have not gone beyond the 6th grade. some of my teachers, like danicon, teddy te, and marvic, are able to do this. they can explain anything, even succession which befuddles me to this day. tax too! i have seldom heard doctors explain injuries or ailments or conditions without convoluting his or her sentences with words taken from a medical book which only other doctors would understand. public speaking skills are very important in the legal profession, but we're not taught that in law school. so it's not an excuse for doctors either.

anyway, that just goes to show i have little regard for doctors. although, getting the results of my skull x-ray allowed me to heave a really big sigh of relief. finally, my paranoia's half what it was in the beginning. i can go to sleep soundly now. the thought still isn't as distant as i would hope. there's the lingering possibility there that the x-ray might not have captured the whole picture. but i'm praying that everything's going to be okay.

i guess you can say that i'm really hard-headed.
not if you meet my friends eric berberabe and doctony they're very articulate. sometimes even drawing to explain a sickness. and they use a lot of layman's language. they both teach at up pgh.