jack sparrow's desire

during last sunday's BMC, i lectured a third of the land navigation module, on mel's request. when i volunteered to help him facilitate the lecture, i thought i was going to hand him maps and assist the trainees in reading the baseplate compass. but late thursday night, he shoots me an email, asking which part of the 3 powerpoints i'd like to talk about. i wasn't interested in doing the lecture, for fear that we might be compared, and in the end, i'll be thought of as inferior, which i was, in so far as all these knowledge of maps, terrains, and compasses was concerned. but he assured me that i'd do well, and that i seemed to have the eloquence for that sort of thing. when he said that, i relented.

i didn't even have time to study the lecture, and just proceeded to makati university with some maps i have at home (i happen to love maps), and one of my mom's white sheets. mel is by a mile, the most competent speakers of the BMC, and he tackles perhaps the most technical of subjects. but he did heap some praise on my otherwise amateur attempt at lecturing on maps. the bad thing about the lecture was the intrusion of some unwanted guests. yeah, mel invited them to help out, but they were seriously not sights to behold or to hear. apparently, a lot of people had more or less the same reaction to them. feelings were so mutual about their undesirability that i had to apologize they were there. anyway, mel just sent email again today saying he enjoyed listening to my lecture, and that i should do more of the same. strangely, those who are inept or nowhere near his brilliance would probably disagree.

anyway, after the lecture, which finished early, we began the evening with some rounds of beer at trellis market! market!, which ended up with a few more rounds at JC's. i paid for the beer there! i really should be saving up for my birthday. nope, no bash of any sort. just a gift for myself. haha. selfish brat.
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undesirables=mighty man and yuck hehehehe.... you know who they are!Ateneo does that to you. Eloquence. Mel is a good speaker/lecturer.