bivouac site

last week, as i had expected, i became the very sore recipient of snide remarks about my having gotten "lost" in mt. talamitam. what made me sore is that the stories that circulated very hastily concluded that i, along with my companions, bivouacked. while lexically true (since by definition, to bivouac means to camp), what "bivouac" suggests, at least in the context of filipino mountaineers, is that the conditions of the campsite are rather unsavory and far from ideal. in fact, in most cases, to bivouac is to sleep on-site, wrapped perhaps in a tarp, without food or provisions. this was hardly the case for us, and these pictures below are evidence of the better-than-average accommodations we had at the saddle between the two peaks.

the mountain covered in fog behind me and seen clearly in the fourth picture is the summit of mt. talamitam. the campsite is completely on the other side, which explains why our "rescuers" didn't find us. although, if i pushed the night trek, we would've been at the summit in less than an hour. still, we slept well that evening, so the stories, for certain to hound me for many years to come, are far from accurate.