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in the absence of hallmark cards...

it may not seem immediately apparent, but i am such a sentimental freak. i hardly throw anything away. i have kept letters, tickets, wrappers, even pieces of paper from many years ago. the trouble is i have not the industry nor the organizational skills to sustain my sentimentality, so all these small things that remind me of good times are scattered in several places.

the digital age, however, has severely diminished the art of letter writing, among many other things, and so we are left instead with very impersonal memories of 1's and 0's in the form of email and SMS. one of the saddest things which i belatedly realized of my 30th birthday is that i did not receive one single card. or even a note, greeting me. i did receive quite a few messages on my phone and my inboxes. and since it has been my tradition ever since i started this blog two years (2004, 2005) ago to post the messages i receive, here they are, in the order that i received them, and in verbatim:

1. beng, AMCI 2k5: Thanks! Advance hapi bday, treat mo kami bukas ha. Grand celeb ito. sabay pa ng jamci. See u around
2. roy, AMCI 2k3: Hapi briefday! Mwah!
3. mommy: Happy birthday Alman. God ble$$ u.Mom & Dad
4. corkescrews (formerly known as michiko), LJ: it's a rather stretch of truth to say i *know* you. i'm glad i get to see some of what goes on in your head. happy birthday! wish you all the best Ü
5. carla, AMCI 2k2: Wats up wit d mms of u kissing malvin? Bday gift ba yun sayo? Happy birthday Alman!
6. tonyboy, aka cutebalddiver, AMCI 99/LJ: Happy 30th Birthday! May you finally have mind blowing sex :)
7. unlisted: Gudam! Jst wnt 2 grit u hapy bday frnd. Jst b hapi alwys n take care.
7. dong, pilipinas sierra lambutity: isang maalab na pagbati sa iyong ika-30 kaarawan. tagay na!
9. arnel, AMCI '93: Have a wonderful day birthday boy.
10. malvin, AMCI '97: taina ka, happy bday!
11. jing, AMCI 2k2: Hi alman,happy birthday ü
12. ike, AMCI 2k6: Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy... ako! Este, happy birthday, ! Have a great day! Ü
13. sharon, AMCI 2k5: hi alman! happy birthday! wish y gud health and happiness!
14. manong bong, kuya: Happy Birthday 2 U... Happy Birthday 2 U... Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday 2 U... Blow-out naman....
15. bong, UP law block B 2002: Hi alman, happy birthday!
16. marian, UP law/GSM: ok. Thanks. Happy birthday! C u at 9.
17. khaps, GSM: Bangon na Birthday Boy! happy happy Birthday! üüü
18. bitoy, AMCI 2k3: happy birthday Alman. Many more to come. Wish we could summit together soon!
19. chito, pilipinas sierra pasaway: Dave! Maligayang kaarawan! Painum ka naman, tagal mo ng d ngpapainum!
20. edgar, pilipinas sierra pasaway: Dave, my man, happy birthday! Sayang nandito kami sa butuan di mo kmi mapapainom. [smiley]
21. jing aka spinero_solidum, UP creative writing '93/kule '96/UP law block B 2002/LJ: Maligayang bati alman dave!Ü
22. lyn, AMCI 2k5: Maligayang kaarawan alman! Wishing you all d best.
23. blizz, AMCI 2k5: Bro. Just drop by to grit you. HAPPY... NEW YEAR Ü happy birthday bro.
24. janet, AMCI 2k5: [smiley] morning! Hapi birthday friend! AnOng merOn mamaya?
25. may, AMCI 2k4: Happy birthday alman!ü may u hve more adventure and blessings to come.ü
26. angel, SIF 2004/AMCI 2k5: Happy birthday alman! [smiley]
27. jay, pilipinas sierra pasaway: Happy Birthday Alman!ü
28. ava, UP law block B 2002/AMCI 2k5: Happy birthday Al!
29. jenny aka suziestorm, AMCI 2k3/ LJ: Happy bday! [smiley]
30. ai, AMCI 2k6: Hapi bday! ü hingi kmi pics malipunyo! ü
31. paloys aka rhinitis, LJ: Happy birthday! All the best to one of my favorite lawyers. "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!"
32. bojo, AMCI 2k4: Maligayang kaarawan, Alman! Ü
33. unlisted: happy bday alman [smiley]
34. unlisted: happy birthday alman!! [smiley]
35. genie, AMCI 2k6: alman darling! happy birthday!!:)
36. francis, AMCI 2k5: Batchmate, happy happy birthday!!! Wising you the best on your special day. It's a pleasure knowing you.
37. jay aka heyjay, AMCI 2k6/LJ: happy 30th birthday at 30!
38. jufil, UP law 2002: Happy birthday Alman Dave!
39. ver, AMCI 2k5: Talamitam boy! Happy b-day!(";)
40. marris, AMCI 2k2: Hapy bday alman! Ü enjoy ur day. Ü
41. janice, AMCI 2k5: Happy beerday almandaman! Luvyah!
42. Marlboro: Government Warning: Cigarette Smoking is dangerous to your health. We're tippin' our hats to you. Happy birthday! From your friends at Marlboro.
43. pie, AMCI 2k6: Happy birthday Alman! I wish you more love and laughter ü
44. unlisted: Happy Birthday! Good Health and more money he3x!
45. adonnis, AMCI 2k6: Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday to you! Happy 30th Birthday boy.
46. manoy sonny, kuya: Man, happy birthday. God bless you n evrythng u do.
47. jill, future sister-in-law: Hi Alman,HAPPY NATAL DAY! I pray God bless you in more ways than you can imagine! Stay safe. (",)
48. rendo, AMCI 2k5: Happy bday! Blowout naman. Hahaha
49. angie, AMCI 2k2: Happy birthday! 30 ka na daw? parang 29 ka lang! Punta ka bmc mamaya?
50. mardel, AMCI 2k3: Happy bday alman
51. gilber, AMCI 2k1: Hello. Happy happy birthday! Ü
52. jem, UP law 2001, case law: Lola, happy bday! [smiley]
53. vince, AMCI 2k5: Happy bday alman
54. ryan, AMCI 2k6: Happy 30! More years to come! GODSPEED in all your endeavors!
55. alexis, quirino elementary school '89/tricol '93: Yo atty. Hapi bday.
56. fabian aka fab_ab, LJ/AMCI 2k4: Happy birthday alman!
57. bossing, AMCI 2k1: Belated Happy Bday ! :)
58. jomen, AMCI 2k6: Hi, Alman! Hpe u had a great birthday! Ü
59. omar, raya '93/UP law block B: Happy belated birthday alman ü

that it has taken me this long to do this can be explained in a later entry. what must be emphasized though is that my birthday was remembered not just by the 59 people who sent me SMS. i have been blessed with many things this year, chief of them new friends, and i am sure, had things been less digital, i would've received something worth keeping, for many more years to come.
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