Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

a non-mountaineering update

i have been a little lethargic lately, and have largely omitted to include in this blog my life outside of my mountaineering. one reason for the less-than-punctual updates, i think, is the fact that i've been reading again. last week, i just finished two novellas by italo calvino: "the non-existent knight" and "the cloven viscount". it was a book i received from a law classmate as a gift for christmas -- part of a rigodon of presents that is tradition amongst filipinos -- and which i only rediscovered recently. i also started on josé saramago's "the history of the siege of lisbon" and am still getting used to his peculiar style. last saturday, ava presented to me a copy of garcía márquez's "memories of my melancholy whores" and i haven't been able to put it down since i started yesterday. i should be able to finish it tonight, probably during my long bus trip back home. after i'm done with "the history", my next one would be garcía márquez's autobiography, "living to tell the tale". how i wish i were better in spanish so i could've read his work in the original. "memorias de mis putas tristes" sounds so much more intriguing!

of course, typhoon milenyo is old news, although electricity hasn't been completely restored in the whole of metro manila yet. i managed to learn about work being called off early that day and i was able to stay home and take care of things in case the typhoon damages anything. i stayed inside my room, and each time a strong gust of wind would pass by, i would feel the roof tremble and rumble, as if there were many little feet on top, tapdancing to a sick song. by 4pm, i knew i had to somehow let my boss know that there was no way i could attend our 9pm call that same day. but guess what? i couldn't find an internet café with electricity! so, i had no choice but... to take a taxi all the way to the office. and since i was there anyway, i pushed through with the call! haha. martyr.

the global city looked really gloomy. the transplanted trees were uprooted, and it was dark, except for the pacific towers, where all the levels seemed to be awash in light! on my way home after the call, i saw the sad fate that befell the canon 30D billboard along EDSA and estrella. and it crushed 2 vehicles under it! but i have to say, EDSA looks less stressing and refreshing without all those billboards!

anyway, for the past 4 weeks now, i've been turning to retail therapy to address a gnawing concern. over a month back, i fractured a tooth, and thought nothing of it, until it flared up and started to pain. consulted a dentist, and the diagnosis: root canal therapy. i've been having weekly visits for the pulpectomy, the disinfection and filing of the roots, etc. and after each of those visits, i would feel very depressed, that as a result, i purchased 2 pairs of pants, a pair of nike running shorts, a nalgene water container, and lots of food. thank God i had my last visit this afternoon! at least for the RCT. i'll be returning though for some routine procedures, like a prophylaxis and some minor filling replacement. i have to get serious about my dental health, lest i find myself in that most undesirable situation of having to wear a full set of dentures! or worse, another RCT! yeesh! i have to save my smile! i can't wait for the tooth renewal research to be perfected! i'd gladly volunteer for that!
Tags: dental health, natural disaster, reading list
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