long time coming

finally! google has come up with its own online album. i'm extremely disappointed with flickr, since a non-pro account can only post as many as 200 photos, while zoto is available only for a year unless you buy an account and maintain annual payments. the other web-based albums available, like yahoo photos, phlog, pbase,, are just too limited, either in space or features (yahoo is just ugly, i think, and the size of the photos, too small). picasa is too, but 250MB is still a lot, and i'm crossing my fingers that it'll go the way of gmail -- more space in the coming months! it's still on a trial stage but i don't quite mind. google usually comes up with really good and reliable products. best of all: i can use my iPhoto to post pictures directly! amazing! i love google. i love my mac!
dude. I'll never envision Paris Hilton's video anymore when I hear her song. Carlo, Janice, Jake and I laugh when we remember you doin your thing.