at som's reposo last friday

okay, so i'll admit that it didn't take me a lot of encouraging to actually ask dingdong and karylle to pose for a picture with me. i didn't need to reach deep into my inner jologs to do this. i've had photos taken with at least 7 celebrities when i was in boracay over the new year and the holy week, so this isn't new. come to think of it, i ought to make a catalogue! haha. funny thing is that, when it was time for the picture to be taken, my other friend who was eager to join the frame, backed out. not me. never dare me. haha. and i even said, "good luck with atlantika." he said: "salamat po." "po" daw! haha.
i see them 3x a week at my gym. and i've seen dingdong countless times semi naked (like in a towel around his waist) hahahahaha
from chuva
Wow, nice picture! So rumor lang pala na nag-break na sila Dingdong and Karylle kasi very recent lang itong photo mo eh...