writer's block

while i attempt to recover from something that's preventing me from writing, here's what i've got to say:

i am a little depressed over the demise of my iPod. it has been with me for 3 years now, minus 3 weeks. last week, while i was syncing it to my iBook, all of the songs just disappeared. yes. disappeared. i thought maybe plugging it into its cradle might do the trick. now, it wouldn't even turn on. i'm not sure when i can actually get around to getting myself a new iPod, or mobile music player for that matter. i got the iPod for its iconic looks and (what was then a relative) reliability. but now, every juan, tomas, and pedro has one, only because it's a must-have gadget. i got the iPod because i wanted to be different. now, it looks as if getting one is not unlike jumping onto the bandwagon. i don't know whether i should consider getting myself another pod, since i'm not keen on having my 3rd gen iPod repaired. i might just convert it into a mobile hard drive. but then again, i still don't have the budget for another music player, so i guess i'll just keep the idea floating for the meantime.

over a week ago, my client invited me to attend the launch of century tuna's red label at the rockwell tent. he said i should invite my friends. i wasn't too keen on going, actually, but decided to pass by to sort of improve relations with him. he said there would be a band, and food, and drinks. i didn't exactly think too much about it, and generally assumed that it would be a casual affair. after all, who would go to a launch of a fish product? one minute inside the tent and i knew i did not quite belong. no less than manila's A-list was in attendance, and all these delectable endorsers of the tuna. they were all dolled up, while i was in my dress down friday attire. i wanted to disappear, shrink, become invisible. but first i had to say hi to my client. there was a fashion show as well, and tons of celebs, and even posers. i was about to leave when i was introduced to the open bar. i had 2 vodka sprites, and a lot of other concoctions that left me a little tipsy. they raffled off 3 nokia N71s and a really expensive watch. too bad i had run out of cards. like i would've won! i've never been lucky with games of chance.
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Re: ipod
my library is still intact, but i've taken out most of the MP3 from my drive because they're taking up too much space. i have back-up for around 70% of those songs. kaya nga lang, nakakawalang gana ang mag upload ng music sa iPod all over again. and hindi pa rin sya nag-on! kainis. i'll try this new update. my last one was last year pa! haha. thanks toch. :D