in the next few days, it's likely i'll be growing a yellow fin. so i was in general santos city over the weekend to moderate a seminar on torture. the day previous to my departure for the southernmost airport in mindanao, i had to do so many things. first, i showed up at gateway to attend a meeting with my future sister-in-law, her siblings, and the pastor of my brother's wedding. i was there as part of my duties as the couple's best man. the wedding will take place this saturday. my brother bought me a barong which wasn't much to my liking, but i didn't want to get another one because i might end up better dressed than him! haha. after the meeting, i had to go to the loyola memorial gardens to be present at the wake of sir manny's mother-in-law. other AMCI people were there. i am no big fan of wakes and i avoid them as much as possible. the last time i was at the loyola in guadalupe was when a college batchmate's mother passed away. i remember it rather vividly, and that experience was immortalized in an essay i wrote and which showed up in the now defunct, "the evening paper". after the wake, kuya mar succeeded in convincing me to join karaoke with them at platinum near makati ave. it was already after midnight, so when i got home at way past 2am, i just decided to keep awake. i had hoped to leave for the airport before 5am, and i am a really bad packer, er, i'm really bad at packing, er, i don't know what to pack (okay, so my friends know that i make a really good impression of rex navarette's "SBC packers"). so i did get to the airport at around 6am, and i took a long time at the check-in counter so spent little time inside the mabuhay lounge. i would've snacked some more but they were calling us already and i had to board! i just love first class! big seats, warm meals, and priority! hehe. my ears popped really bad. and i also saw prof. muyot on the plane! he was on economy. when i got my bag, i was really irked to find out that the contents of my ink bottle poured and tinted my deuter! i should've hand carried this, but thanks to US homeland security -- what paranoids! -- liquids and toothpastes are no longer allowed as hand carried baggage! when they started this, people were still trying to sneak shampoos or gels or other toiletries in, and they end up getting confiscated. i'm pretty sure these won't be disposed. airport personnel can actually put up a watson's soon, i swear. and i really hate the taking off of the shoes and belt thing. paranoids. outside the airport i saw my uncle and handed him the pro forma wedding invitations. he said my aunt and cousin were on the same flight as i. i didn't see them (or worse, i may have failed to recognize them).

so anyway, i reached gensan, did the seminar, had a sumptuous lunch, and for dinner, went to isla parilla in alabel, which is around 15km from where we were. dinner was ok, although for the distance and the cost, we could've had something just as good at a sidewalk grill. after that, we went back to the east asia royale hotel, and after i watched basketball (buti naman nanalo ang ginebra!), my cousins picked me up from the hotel to drink. the young IHR folk joined me. of course, i paid for everything (nagpasikat ang gago), and sang two of my signature songs: "this is the moment" and "lately" to wild cheer! haha. it happens all the time when i perform those songs out of town.

the next day, almost the entire contingent left for manila. i stayed behind and went to davao for a day trip just to shop at aldevinco! that was loads of fun. i bought 12 tubaos, 1 special malong (double), 1 special malong (single), 2 sarongs, a pair of freshwater pearls for my mom, and 4 shawls for my mom and her 3 australia-based sisters. total bill: P1720! what the! and i looked around for fresh durian but i was informed that in the city, the strong pungent scent doesn't quite make its presence felt until 6pm. so i just settled on P500 worth of durian candies. i also got a couple of shirts and an electronic toothbrush (i forgot to bring a toothbrush, and had been brushing my teeth with my finger!).

then i went back to gensan for another 3-hour trip. i bought a 5-kilo durian fruit at a sidewalk store. it really smelled! and i had to leave it outside the hotel. my cousin picked me up at 7pm and we ate tuna panga at a sidewalk grill. that was damn good tuna. and at just P135 for that size! i asked the store owner if i could buy some of her tuna to ship to manila because the prices at citra mina were rather too much. she had a better idea. she hooked me up with her supplier and i ended up ordering 5 kilos of tuna panga and 10 packs of tuna sashimi cuts. the following day, i bought a pack of tuna belly, a pack of blue marlin belly, and really really glorious tuna chorizo. total bill: P1750! i just love this fish! haha.

when i checked in at the mabuhay miles counter, my baggage tipped the scale at 31 kilos! the man said: over po kayo ng 11 kilos. it's a good thing i read my electronic ticket well. i was allowed as much as 30! so i ended up getting the 1 kilo for free! haha. funny thing is that on the way to the airport, a group led by candy pangilinan delayed us by as much as 20 minutes, and they kept talking about how much money they spent on all these things, and they were really really loaded, and that it was okay to lose a laptop since they could buy one anytime, and all these other things which i guess was okay, except they were loud and the other person on the hotel bus was visibly irritated, and then they line-up at economy. i so wanted to say: eh sino ba sa atin ang naka first class? haha.

so, i got home at around 1pm, stuffed all that tuna in the freezer (i didn't have enough space and i had to SMS my mom, saying there was an emergency), and at 4pm, went to UP to run with AMCI friends. a whole batch has passed since i graduated, but i still knew many people running the course. i felt like a celebrity. among them, one stood out: eugene evasco, an old college buddy of mine. at first i thought he wouldn't even say hi to me, but i approached him. i said "tumaba ka" although he very clearly lost some weight since his 200 plus pounds days. i accompanied him for 2 more rounds of the acad oval, catching up. talking to him woke up a latent desire in me to become a writer or somewhat of an artist again. i miss those days of pretentiousness. haha. then later we went to mang jimmy's for a really cheap fix! all that great-tasting cholesterol at just P107 each! the non-UP folks were really amazed.

well that was some weekend.
ah business class ka lang hindi first class. walang first class sa domestic flight. at bakit wala akong pasalubong??? kahit tuna sashimi oks na ako! hahahaha
well, basta mabuhay class sya at hindi economy (fiesta). haha. sorry ha. hindi ko alam to. marami akong sashimi. pag pinasa ko yung GSE, bigyan kita. hehe. :D
delayed by 20 minutes
First I would like to apoligize if you got irritated with our noise
And I think you were mis-informed regarding the shuttle service tardiness. It wasn't my (candypangilinan)fault that the bus was delayed for 20minutes... We were informed that shuttle will be delayed that's why we opted to have breakfast.
So sad that you actually have mis interpreted the whole conversation...
1. I don't remember anyone saying that it was okay to loose a laptop and so forth... What my friend said was I asked her to bring a laptop but then I never used it at all. It was an additional baggage for her.
2. I wasn't really talking that much in the bus. We were discussing the SK position of one of our friends and what they were actually doing...
3. What is your problem?
4. It's really sad that sometimes because you are the one known then when you are in a bad situation even if you do not know anything. It could actually be blamed on you...
5. Yes, we woke up at 430am and went to the market for pasalubong.... It's really cheap and is it really bad to share that fresh fish that never reaches mla is really cheap in gensan... And that the International fish port in Gen San is just amazingly clean...

I really hope you enjoyed your trip... Journals are really nice... They are actually very subjective, that's why it's your journal. But when you post things on the net. Please kindly make sure that you have your facts right...

Thanks also for reminding me to tell everyone to calm down because not everyone is interested to have a happy day to begin with...

Did we ever try to talk to you? If I remember it right we tried talking to you but you refuse to respond positively...

Pareho pa naman tayong taga-UP...
good day!