music recommendations

commuting without my iPod for over a week has nearly driven me mad. i hate being captive audience to anonymous chit-chat on the jeepney or the FM station the bus is tuned to or the droning noise of the MRT as it screeches to a halt. so i contemplated on a new acquisition: the new 8GB iPod nano (the mini revived). i was more or less resigned to the fact that my 3-year old 3rd gen iPod should be given a rest, and that i had no intention of having it repaired. but guess what? it fixed itself! i plugged it into my iBook, and it booted itself, loaded the 220 remaining songs on my HD, and now plays for a few good hours on a full charge! but yeah, this basically just delayed my plans to get the iPod nano. so i'm not buying one tomorrow... maybe this december or soon thereafter. i have some other plans which should make me more conscious of my spending and my savings. i have to find a raket. why does a guy with so much talent and brilliance have to settle for a really sucky job? of course, i'm not necessarily referring to myself. sucky job, yes. good pay, i would suppose. but talented and brilliant? some people might disagree.

so anyway, this got me distracted from the point of this entry. since i'm getting the 8GB iPod nano soon, that means i just can't load all the MP3s in the world! i actually have to be selective. no excesses of latin tunes and classical pieces or movie themes or audio books. so i'd like to ask my musically-inclined friends: what songs should i put into the 8GB iPod? that's roughly 1,800 songs (compared to the almost 4,000 tunes i once had in my old iPod). please give me your recommendations. but this is not just any recommendation, okay? i'd prefer if you can actually help me load these songs into my iPod (i.e., you have the CD, or i can rip it from your iPods, etc.). attention d_authority and spinero_solidum! make me smarter and more savvy with your music! hehe. :D
tech support here! pili ka nalang. lets meet up again after gym some time and load you songs :)
Tunes to blow your mind

1. Beethoven. First Movement, 5th Symphony (Duh duh duh duh!)
2. White Stripes. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
3. Wagner. Ride of the Valkyries
4. The Clash. I Fought The Law
5. Orff. O Fortuna
6. Rage Against The Machine. Down Rodeo
7. Sandy Denny. Banks Of The Nile
8. Velvet Underground. Heroin
9. Talking Heads. Once In A Lifetime
10. Joan Baez. Diamonds and Rust
Astrub Gilberto's new Latin Jazz Chillout Album. Sonia. Some really good moZart and beethoven.