i remember one of my colleagues making an observation about the way i relate with other people. she said it was amazing how i was able to charm those around me. this is a particularly useful skill in my profession as a lawyer. to heck about my clients not taking me seriously. the point is that i wouldn't have to grease the hands of so many people, because they'd do favors for me just because they find me easy to like. instead of having to oil the gears and pinions of bureaucracy with money, i make them laugh, and show them that my education isn't a reason to treat me any differently. this has always been an issue which others are quick to point out to me: they'd say things like they would never suspect i was a lawyer, and that for me is always a source of flattery.

sophie's sister witnessed this and even pointed it out as i joked with the court personnel and succeeded in getting them to exhaust all possible remedies without me having to slip a buck into their pockets. i guess that just shows my character and personality. i am a jester, a jokester, a stand-up comic. not really serious, especially when it's not necessary. the intimidation tactic isn't always the first line of defense (or attack, as the case may be); this comes in handy only when dealing with bitches and sons of bitches (the type who would say, "close ba tayo?" when i would try to break the ice), and that's something i can do really well too. there's a nursery rhyme about the girl who was really really good when she was good, but really really bad, when she was, well, bad. i can be bad too. but i hate having to do that.

sophie and clarence were not as lucky because they had to spend close to 5k just to get some "VIP" treatment at the CIDG. not to say of course that they can't charm others. but i'm just different. it was absolutely unnecessary of course, but those police folks are rapacious beasts! and particularly blunt at asking for spare change too! i mean i am not at all surprised why there are former police officers who are now hardened criminals, because they've been doing criminal acts even while they were on the side of the law! these guys are worse than lawyers, i'm telling you.

i went straight to the court in the morning to get the produce order. took the process server with me back to crame, then returned to court, then to crame again. it's a roundabout way of doing things, but at least i got sophie out of detention. she's finally home with her kids. the police officers asked for my number, and i graciously gave it. you never know when you'll be needing their help. sure enough, on my way home, i received a call from PO1 allan acidilla. he was asking about a provision in the rules of court. good thing i had my book with me. now there's one police officer worth emulating. not once did this guy ask for pang meryenda, and even declined the 300 bucks sophie and clarence were giving him, for the gas, no less! sobrang bait and upright. sipag pa. this man should get a medal!

passed by SM to buy a pair of short trunks (rather than bikini trunks). i've never worn a swimsuit since... so very long ago. i mean, i'm afraid of the water to begin with, so getting a pair was farthest from my mind, and board shorts are much much more appropriate. but since we have water safety tomorrow (heaven help me!), i need one now.

also, ogie is all of a sudden interested in reading this journal. i wonder how he got wind of it. and i wonder even more what they may be saying about it.

this is something really presumptuous, but this is true. more than five people (including a guy from jordan... in the middle east!) have said that i look like bernard palanca. now i don't see the resemblance, other than the goatee. i've also been compared to jong hilario of the streetboys, which is probably more accurate. but jello's comparison earlier is not even inside the ball field. he was supposed to introduce me to his tita claire, and he said, "tita, remember that raymond bagatsing lookalike?" claire had seen my friendster page and made that comment. jello apparently agrees. weird. are there any lara fabregases out there who might just want to marry me in a hindu ceremony?
why don't you capitalize the I and the letters at the start of your sentences? Just curious, has it become an internet norm? :)
i doubt whether the lower case phenomenon is an internet norm, although it is something that i have been doing for a very long time, and it is something which i've noticed a lot of people do as well. now there may be some e.e. cummings inspiration behind that, but in my case, i guess i am just lazy to press the shift button so often. notice however, that i consider email and the internet as a highly informal medium, hence the preference to UNcapitalize, except for acronyms. but in my formal messages and articles, i do capitalize. it doesn't happen when i write longhand. in my old paper bound journal, i not only spelled correctly, but also punctuated and capitalized properly.