party time

last night at the AMCI bads christmas party, i was the only one in full battle gear. but it paid off since i won one of the major prizes: a really yummy yellow nike dri-fit shirt.

so the season of christmas parties has officially started. last friday was a holiday in taguig. but i wasn't able to go out because it was the office christmas party at the mandarin. i would not have gone, but i very hastily accepted a request to host it. the theme was 50s hollywood. so i looked up a photo of james dean, and attempted to channel his "rebel without a cause" look, except my red jacket was a cheap rain jacket from UK. i did get the big, tall hair though. everyone came dressed to the nines: the ladies looked expensive with their coiffed hair and their gloves (not to mention the generous helpings of foundation on their faces), while the guys were a confusion of bad boys and tacky, awkward new yorkers in suspenders. the theme for the raffle was escape, so a ton of GCs for body scrubs and massages were given out. major prizes were trips to bohol, palawan and boracay. i didn't win any!

later, i have 2 parties to attend, and i'm a little torn. tomorrow is still a bit free. saturday is something i'm preparing for. i'm trying to develop a concept for my costume for AMCI's heaven and hell christmas party. gotta get creative. i want to win! haha.

and this explains why, despite my runs, i am not in any way losing any weight. damn gut! i hate it.


so i was a guest at the ykamo christmas party last night at ka ising. and i was asked to host the game show, which generally meant i had no chance of winning the prize in the ykamo deal or no deal game. mardel took a chance and pocketed 800 pesos! but the big winner of the night: me! i won a deuter speedlite 20 in the raffle! hey. i've been very lucky in raffles lately. this is sweet! next raffle is in the AMCI party tomorrow. can't wait. my costume's starting to take shape. :D
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"and this explains why, despite my runs, i am not in any way losing any weight. damn gut! i hate it." Running will help and biking too. And stay off the carbo.