christmas is the season of cleaning and shedding pounds

this is how i spent my christmas break:

in the last four days, i have taken out at least 3 boxes of junk from my room. over a month ago, i had a small renovation, and in the days that followed after the fresh coat of paint dried, i'd been sleeping in a cramped room filled with a chaos of boxes and disorganized piles. since then, it has been such an effort to find anything, as i rummage through a mixture of important as well as trivial things. somehow, i haven't actually found the time to fix the room since i'm usually away the entire day and even on weekends, and have not trusted anyone with distinguishing trash from treasure.

but i finally got around to starting the long process of exorcising my room of all its unnecessaries last saturday. i've gone through a lot of things, and have decided to part with many magazines, newspapers, university prospectuses, academic journals, brochures, product labels, loose leafs, computer parts, books, antiquated CDs, boxes of gadgets, letters, bills and statements, empty as well as half-filled notebooks, used envelopes, unused toiletries, maps, early drafts of my academic papers, scattered notes, printouts of research, all dusty and collecting cobwebs, dating from as far away as eight or nine years ago. i'm not done with fixing my room yet, although i've managed to stack my books onto my shelf and achieve a semblance of order. nevertheless, this has made me realize that, one, i have far too many books for one bookshelf, two, i have not read too many of the books i own, and three, that i am a packrat par excellence. the last one i may have inherited from my mom and her mother, my grandma. they hardly throw anything away, and this has been the case for me for many years. i always think, that maybe, i might have use for this or that or these or those, and i end up keeping them inside shoe boxes or on a cabinet, or somewhere else, cluttering the small space that i have.

while i may have thrown away many things, i am only halfway done. i still have to organize much of the stuff that's left in complete disarray. i am contemplating getting another shelf or divider. i actually went to the mall yesterday and looked at some furniture, but they all fetch rather hefty price tags. might have one custom made i guess. i am such a cheapskate, i'm sorry.

also, this is strange, and probably ill-timed, but i've imposed a diet on myself. the result has been rather encouraging: i've lost about 4 pounds, and feel generally better and "lighter". since thursday, i've ran over 20 kilometers in the gym, at an average pace of sub six minutes per kilometer. i usually sprint the last 300 meters on the treadmill, and one time, someone in the gym approached me to say that i had really good running form. haha. with my skimpy running shorts and steady gait, i am not surprised why my run doesn't go unnoticed. but i wish i were a little less quickly bored. anything over 10km has the potential of turning me off, and i quit ahead of my limits only because i get tired of the exercise, and not from it.

i remember seeing this makeover workout on men's health some months back, where a few guys sought to make six-packs in six weeks. i hope to achieve something like that, and will have myself photographed starting january 1 and get back with the results in the middle of february. nice plans. more of those in the coming days.
Re: 5 S
thanks tochs. i really should develop a system. all of a sudden, i realize that library science isn't such a loser course after all. haha. but yeah, i'm almost done with the fixing-my-room drama. i will keep in mind these 5s's when next i get something that might just gather dust in some corner. :D