2006 in review

last year, i took a glance at my 2005 by very quickly quoting the first sentences of the first entries i made for each month. in conclusion, i said i had nothing to talk about save my affair with the mountains and my so-called legal career, which in sum, meant that my life was uninteresting. but my 2006 was a lot different. it had AMCI, mountain climbing, photography, technology, travel and leisure, and theater and literature. just a notch more interesting. here's looking back at 2006:

january - if the manner in which i welcomed this year were to be an indication of how the next 365 days would unfold, then it might be defined by a few adjectives: bacchanalian, dionysian, and hedonist.

february - my AMCI dogtag once looked like a high school project. it is a thin rectangular strip of metal, rounded at the corners, and hanging from a beaded metal chain which quickly lost its luster on first contact with seawater.

march - my reasons for returning to baguio so soon after my last visit were purely singular: to photograph the panagbenga flower festival.

april - i was speaking to some officemates just now and at least two of them were positively surprised to find out from me that the banaue rice terraces aren't officially part of the wonders of the world, there being only 7.

may - i stayed in the metro over the long weekend, opting out of several invites to a variety of destinations. these are strange times, indeed. whereas i have made holidays of other mondays or fridays, i have reduced this labor day weekend to a missed opportunity.

june - i lied to the pretty girl with the bushy brows and the bad teeth about jericho rosales. i had told her, with the conviction of a delusional fan, that echo was a friend and that we’d gone to the same high school.

july - i saw "superman returns" last friday at the power plant.

august - random rumination number 1 - mountain log
i found out from someone else's blog that AMCI's head sweeper bajay has logged 177 climbs in 37 distinct mountains since 1993.

september - last week, as i had expected, i became the very sore recipient of snide remarks about my having gotten "lost" in mt. talamitam.

october - i have been a little lethargic lately, and have largely omitted to include in this blog my life outside of my mountaineering.

november - while i attempt to recover from something that's preventing me from writing, here's what i've got to say: i am a little depressed over the demise of my iPod.

december - i had two successive long weekends, but only the first was spent outdoors. just like last year, i took to the mountain province to join what is now turning out to be an annual trek through an old spanish trail to sagada, which has till this day been kept secret by its trailblazers, and remains an exclusive AMCI affair.

also, early last year, i somehow made a list of things to do. it was an incomplete list which i promptly forgot so early into the year. but let's see where i am with those plans.

  • getting certified as a diver - far. i've postponed this indefinitely, until i accomplish the next one

  • taking up swimming lessons - within reach. i just need to find time. i've "conquered" my fear of water when we went to the sohotan caves in siargao last october

  • going independent - not soon. can't live apart from my mom

  • upgrading my iBook - pretty soon. was supposed to do this last month, but moved it to late this month or early february

  • replacing my iPod - was supposed to do this last week, but found out that i still need to upgrade my iTunes, which i can't until i upgrade my OS, which i tried but couldn't. so i guess it'll have to wait until i get my macbook

  • finishing a story - soon. i'm writing a lot anyway. just need to find a story

  • writing (or finishing) 1 or more poems - doing it. i shared a magnetic poetry kit with ava for christmas and i've been composing lines and stanzas on my free time

  • watching less TV - done. generally, i don't get to watch much TV anyway

  • going back to the gym - done. did this last february. but haven't achieved much since

of course, this was an incomplete list, and i managed to do many more things which, though not listed, were still part of my unconscious to-do's. last year, i traveled out of the country twice: once to kota kinabalu, malaysia, and another time to singapore. i also traveled within the country a lot, and i'm not just talking about mountaineering. to boracay twice, to coron, and to siargao. also went to anawangin and puerto galera. i also joined an adventure race, something i've always wanted to do.

other people make many plans, and even announce them, like training to run a marathon, but end up not being able to finish a 10km fun run in good time. i have a blog where i pour many of my thoughts and ideas, and there is no escaping my early pronouncements. they shall haunt me for the rest of the year. i am glad to say that i have not stumbled by the wayside, and while it's been a wobbly ride, i'm still pretty much on track.

2006 was an OK year for me. i spent more than i should have, and saved less than what i planned, but then, i made many many firsts which would not have been possible some other time. there were circumstances beyond my control, and i still keep saying that i could be happier, but i cannot quite think of anything that i seriously regret. i'm just looking forward to a good (or better) 2007. i have high hopes and big plans for this year. i hope they happen. and i will probably make up another incomplete list in the next few days, just to keep track of my progress.
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