hey alman!
hey, i had most of our BMC PICTURES developed in 4R and have these two 4 inch albums about 2K6...pwede ba ako humingi ng iyong copies? those that come to mind would be the ones at the lecture series, the acquaintance party, the xmas party..even up to sir manny's bday....when you have time po...then i'll just replace your CDRWs ....
tenks alman!
oh and btw, yeah what's up with them...i miss na the site... feeling ko kulang ang news na alam ko without the inq7.net
Re: hey alman!
thanks, alman!

btw, check this sites regarding inq7.net:
There's a beta site of Channel 7, www.gmanews.tv, with an interface similar to the old Inq7.net site.
yeah. found that last week while trying to find out what happened to inq7. the interface is actually quite nice. although i think they should have more videos up there, more breaking news, and less (if possible, none) of chino trinidad. haha. i wonder how i can possibly get myself into writing a blog for gmanews.tv. i wanna be an online columnist! haha. :D
from pie - check out this one...