good job steve jobs

dear mr. jobs:

i became a convert in november 2003 when i got myself a 3rd generation 20gb iPod -- its cost then was so much more than the 80gb iPod photos now. i got the iPod when it was still uncommon, when mac users were still a cult, and when wearing white earphones was a badge of resistance. i've since replaced the battery in january of last year, and i guess, after 3 years, it's natural that my iPod's performance has been less-than-stellar. but it still serves me well during my long commute. believe it or not, i decided to get a notebook computer because of my iPod. in april 2004, i saved all my centavos (to the point of starving) to get myself an iBook G4, only because it looked good with my iPod. back then, it didn't even have bluetooth or wi-fi installed yet. i had to buy these separately. and i did. and i very proudly am a mac user.

yesterday, i knew macworld was underway, and i kept checking the apple website for updates. and this morning, i was reminded of a time when i was still a child. i have never been too excited about anything until i verified that i was on the apple website, and i was looking at a preview of the iPhone. after years of speculation, finally, the truth can be told. yes, apple is coming out with a phone. and it's everything we -- mac freaks, addicts, fanatics -- have dreamed about. and possibly, even more. thank you. thank you for your brilliant innovations.

but wait, did i hear it right? release of the iPhone won't be until june this year? and only in the US? and exclusively cingular? and worse, us asians have to wait till 2008?


why that long?

why torture us with this long wait?

why make life difficult for us asians?





i've just realized something: with a $599 tag, i'm pretty sure i'd have to wait a full year to save up for it. and i guess that should give you ample time to maybe introduce 3G, expand memory, integrate a 3.2mp camera with flash, and turn it into a true smart phone with word.
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my N93 has everything the iPhone has. so why switch? And I dont have to wait till 2008. I have it right now. I get 3.2 megapixel. DVD like videos, 3G broad band connection, video calls, music player,view videos, quad band. While iPhone has 2 meaga pixel camera and so so videos. compae the specs.
it isn't even available yet so there's no point comparing. besides, it's not just the innovation i'm interested in (which, by the way, is brilliant -- absolutely no keypad!). it's the brand. it's an apple. i'm sure there are better notebooks out there, but i got the iBook. creative probably has more useful features, but i still got the iPod. so it's all about faith and consistency. and what i love about the iPhone is this: it's the only thing that's coming out. unlike nokia and SE and motorola, they roll out several models of phones in one go. with apple, it's just this phone. it's all you need.

and besides, your N93 doesn't have 8GB of memory. hmph.

mac users rule!
they already have a 2 gb card. give it another year, meron na yan 8GB. beisdes you were were a toddler when apple fucked up big time. and more recently (late 90s). sony erickson has a phone without key pads. haha.