good news, bad news

kumusta naman ang 157lbs? i weighed in late afternoon yesterday and found myself a lot lighter than i had expected. even after being sidelined from the gym and from running for two weeks due to fevers and post-akiki pains, i chalked off a few more pounds from my weight! early this month, i set some humble goals for myself, one of which was to get down to 155lbs by the middle of february. now, that looks like something i could do within this week. of course, i haven't been running as much as i should, precisely because of these weekenders, and 10kms a week isn't enough, but then, i've (nearly) accomplished half of the bargain, so i am not complaining. it's not like i'm preparing to run a marathon or anything.

now for the bad news: i realized just last saturday that i had lost my TNF jasper canyon boots. yes, the boots i purchased late october last year, and which are still fresh, having taken part in only five climbs. i don't understand it, actually, because i very distinctly remember that i took it from under the seat when i got off the bus, and even took it out of the taxi when i offloaded my bag at home. i vaguely recall that i was holding on to it when i went inside the gate. or i may just have been disoriented, and none of those things happened. the boots are more than eight thousand bucks, for crying out loud (although i wouldn't tell my mom how much they were when she asked me). i spent the whole of saturday sulking. i kept looking into nooks and crannies of the house, inside corners and behind tables and chairs, hoping it may just have been misplaced. i upturned boxes and things. but no expensive jasper canyon boots. so, my solution? i'm buying a new pair. i've made reservations with TNF mall of asia for a size 11. i'm so depressed about the loss, i don't think getting my osprey atmos 65 later tonight is going to perk me up. i'm not even sure if spending another eight thousand is going to do the trick, but whatever.
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Welcome to the Club
A PHP 17,000 pair of Jasper Canyons! Why, welcome to the club. Get the chestnut/khaki, not the brownie/bronze, so they don't remind you of the lost pair. (Last time I saw them was under the bench of the jeep from the washup area)

Me, after the washup I always put my trek shoes inside my backpack, wet or no. That's one come-on for a huge pack.
Re: Welcome to the Club
the local TNF stores only have the brown ones. kainis no? i'd like to think that i just had these things shipped from the US! boohoo! after more than 2 years of hand carrying my boots, this is the first time they've been lost. besides, my boots are always too big for my bag. broke. and soon, broker. ngek.
From your narration, you did not leave it in the bus. Not inside the taxi. Most likely you parked it at the roof of the taxi, outside the gate, outside your door. Hope you find it.
that's my suspicion, actually, that i may have left it outside our gate when i entered the house. so i've asked my mom to keep her eyes peeled if any of our neighbors are wearing size 11 TNF jasper canyons. haha.