samut sari

last monday, i chugged 4 bottles of strong ice at binalot, darren's birthday treat. i was only a little tipsy, but it actually led me to the conclusion that i haven't had this many beers in one sitting since W grill (where TJ lost it) last year (where i just had 5). yeah! the diet plan is working. i wrote down somewhere that i should limit myself to only 2 beers each time and somehow, i've managed to abide by that (flexible) rule.

oh, and this just in: i've found my size 11 TNF jasper canyons! i found them sitting on a pile of pebbles, in an airconditioned room, in a big big concrete building in pasay city which stands on real estate that's been reclaimed from the sea. oh brother.

that said, i'll be getting the replacement for my old columbia soldotna, which i returned in april last year. but since the soldotnas have since been phased out, i'll be getting the skamania pass WP instead. what am i to do with two waterproof boots?

finally, after close to two weeks of having to queue up for tickets, i finally got a stored value card. these things are always in short supply. but i also got a G-pass. i was supposed to get one a long time ago but i'm a smart subscriber. so i basically just gave a friend's number for registration purposes (with her permission, of course). so now, i tap my way in and out of the MRT turnstiles. haha. this is so cool. my G-pass is inside a small leather wallet that i keep in my pocket, so i just tap the wallet on the reader and make my way into the concourse area. people look at me in a strange way each time. the technology has long been available, and i wonder why it's taken so long for us to implement the system. when i went to singapore last year, i bought the proximity card which was also my ticket for bus rides. the ticket though was the size of a credit card, and not some fancy round-shaped object that could very easily get lost. it was when i got back that i noticed the installation of those blue readers on the turnstiles, and i concluded that they were going to introduce the same system here. the bad thing though is that since i'm not a globe subscriber, i wouldn't know how much i have left on my chip (the readers only flash a red and green light, and not your balance), and i wouldn't want to bother my friend with alerts each time i use the chip. i hope smart jumps into this as well. better, i hope that the MRT just overhauls its ticketing system and replace their turnstiles altogether. the soft magnetic cards are easily damaged and don't give much mileage to advertisers since they also fade quickly from overuse. and wouldn't it be grand to have these proximity cards on buses as well?

later tonight, AMCI will be electing a new set of officers. it's a yearly thing. only trouble is, there are no candidates yet, with less than 5 hours till the deadline. save for the auditor position, we didn't have this problem last year when i was elecom chair. everyone submitted before the deadline a full week before election day. it's not that no one wants to serve the club. perhaps it's just that everyone's feeling through the dark, in a way. i've been asked and coaxed and harangued by a few people to plunge into the race, and they know just how passionate i am about the sport of mountaineering and that i've served the club in many ways since i became a member, but the reason i haven't filed a COC is because i think that there are others who are more capable and more competent than i am, though not necessarily as willing. i want to serve the club, and it matters not to me under what capacity, either if it's mandated by the by-laws and confirmed by the general membership or even when it goes by unnoticed. i love nature. i love the outdoors. i love mountains. i love (many) of the people in the club. i love AMCI, no matter how cheesy that sounds. i hope the members do step up. i'd want to run, but it's just that holding a thankless job with the onus of responsibility for a year is not just in my itinerary for 2007. besides, i've sworn off politics a long time ago. i'm not interested in all the politics that comes with being a politician.

and la salle fans will love this: the first sentence of the ad for the 4th animo run reads: "Once again, the De La Salle University Running Club will once again host its annual event, entitled the 4rd Animo! Run."
of course magpaparamdam ako! :)

yeah, they still use tohkens. Kadiri. I know I come from a developing country pero tohkens are way too much for me. hahaha

And my goodness, Amtrak? It's just like an upgraded PNR. It derails and It breaks down.

Abet! send me your email address. hehe. meron akong gustong bilhin and if it's not too much, ikaw gagawin kong courier. haha. :D