with wings!

alman mulawinhere i am having fun with photoshop. nothing interesting took place today, but i finally got my pics developed. i might make a bundle out of peddling miah's full body photo to his legion of adoring fans... hehehe. anyways, i was supposed to have a solo pic, but jag was in the way, so i covered him up with some wings i found on the net. the aged photo effect really rocks. i like it!

sad news when i got home: one of our puppies died while i was out today. she'd been sick for the past 3 days. when i woke up early this morning (i couldn't breathe, since my nose felt like it had been corked), i looked for her and saw the blood she'd vomited. poor puppy. and i liked her a lot too. sniff sniff. i just hope bulak manages to get over the loneliness and the loss.
Mukhang anghel bote ng Ginebra.
Hehehe. Gleng gleng naman!!
mulawin ba kamo? check this out! hehehe!
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what can i say? fan din ako ng tele fantasyang ito. walang sinabi ang marina! hehehe. ako'y kapuso.
good thing you found wings.