clean bill of health, among others

yesterday, i got the results of my annual physical exam, and the final word on my state of being is that i am "class A physically fit". i wonder what that means? my other officemates received B's.

in other news, i find it a little ironic that i was advising another officemate not to be too preoccupied about the wallet he lost last wednesday evening, when i myself would find myself in the same mess, calling up banks to cancel cards and to get replacements. it's an awful feeling, but i promised not to sulk, since i shouldn't beat myself up each time i lose something. ironically, this is the second time that i've lost something on a public bus! last time was december 2005. i've lost maybe 4 wallets in my lifetime, and 1 got returned, actually. this was way back in college, when i left my ethnic wallet at the wilfrido ma. guerrero theater in UP. i never lost a wallet again since that time until i got a nice leather wallet from fossil. come to think of it, all the last 3 wallets i've lost were of the fossil brand. hmmm... suspicious.

what troubles me really, is that we have an extremely dishonest culture, one that regards the act of returning as something rather remarkable, and not, well, natural and within the realm of expectation. when i lived in singapore, all the wallets of my friends that got lost were always returned. one guy even scoured the entire building when he found the wallet inside the toilet until he found its owner. here, when you return something, you get a spot on TV or radio, and are likely to be feted as a modern-day hero. and if you've lost something, you don't expect to find it at a lost and found. and come to think of it, are there any lost and founds hereabouts? i have, in this short lifetime, myself returned more than 3 mobile phones, a wallet or two, several coin purses, and many other things. where's my good karma? well, i did leave behind my laptop at a bar once, and when i returned about two or three hours later, it was still there. also, while i was in singapore, i read an article about an experiment on the probabilities of wallets getting returned. in SG, 9 out of 10 wallets were returned, and it topped the list as a city with very honest people. there were a couple of cities in the philippines where they simulated the same scenario, and there was one city in mindanao i think where 6 out of 10 wallets were returned. in manila, only 4 were honest enough not to claim the lost wallet as res nullius, and even that is surprising.

so i'm not going to sulk about the what-if's and what-could-have-been's. rather, i'm going out to get my wallet replaced. perhaps this time i won't be getting the fossil anymore. haven't been too lucky with it.
Class A Physically Fit? Did you by any chance ran a 50 K marathon in your physical exam? haha. Good thing, all your nuts and bolts are in good condition.

I can't help but agree about you saying that we have an dishonest culture. But you should also understand dishonesty in context (N.B. I am not saying that we should condone dishonesty). Just consider the following reasons:

1. Contacting the person who lost the stuff would be added cost to the finder. Why spend one peso to send a text message or sweat out a liter when you can just keep it and get a few bucks for whatever you need (or want for that matter);

2. They may not even think on reflex that returning it is the right thing to do. You can think of the following: the guy (a) wasn't taught properly at home or school (b) to callous to care (c) was just plain dumb

My condolences to your lost wallet. Just think that goes around comes around. Sabi nga nila, YOU CAN NEVER CAN TELL! hahahah

ey thanks doc! i still fear i have a secret disease that's going to surface soon. haha.

about the wallet, i try not to think too much about it. but the reasons you offered are actually real and true. i've reasoned pretty much the same thing to a foreigner who asked about lost things not being returned. i said filipinos are not necessarily innately evil, or dishonest, as i've said. they're probably just too lazy to care, or too poor to even bother. some people might see it as this: hulog ng langit. but then, one man's gain, is another man's loss. so there you are. i have to hit myself on the head and say: be careful with your valuables, you dimwit!
hmmm secret disease. *wink*

But even if I try to rationalize, the moment I find out and meet the person who took my wallet (I lost one too)... good heavens! I could be worse than Hitler or Pol Pot. :)

World peace.