bits and pieces

the other day, i had my ID at fitness first replaced. the receptionist asked for my name. and i gave it. then she asks: "sir, quiboquibo?" i said yes. "tapos alman?" i nodded my head. "may lahi po ba kayo?" i look at her quizically for half a second and say, "oo. filipino." she was disbelieving. "ang cute ng pangalan ni sir, o," she turned to her colleague, and continued, "inuulit. kakaiba sya."

this isn't the only ID that had to be replaced. i will be getting my IBP ID in a week, and yesterday, the replacement for my HSBC credit card also arrived. the design is new and different. better, definitely, although i haven't gotten around to actually have it activated. i'll just do that if i need to use the card -- since i have a lot of projects in line, i ought to tighten not just a few belts.

i also bought a new wallet. i'm not really superstitious, but the fossil wallets haven't been working for me, and i've lost 3 already, so i bought a nice wallet from victorinox. it was the "lifetime warranty" that sold me in. it's distributed by primer group, which also handles TNF, columbia, mountain hardwear, samsonite, etc. the wallet's a little thin as of now, but it'll start bulking up soon. i don't know yet what to put in it.

* * *

the wallet's not the only thing that i've lost recently. i've been very clumsy lately, and it started with my TNF boots. not soon after, i lost my lightweight aluminum tri-fold umbrella, and i hope to find another one like it soon. but the last straw was the UCC sandwich last wednesday. and i really hate losing things, even small things.

* * *

like i said, i'm not superstitious, and i am not easily scared, particularly of things that are supernatural in nature, but recent events have prodded me to be a little more reflective and reconsider my opinions and views. it's not likely that i am actually turning into a hybrid of a hypochondriac, or that i am beginning to imagine things, but i honestly feel a presence in my room. i wake up in the middle of the night feeling that something has just roused me from sleep. i charge my iPod on my altec lansing speakers, and one time, it played on its own at about 4am. since i've been feeling this presence, i leave a lamp open near my bookshelf, and i woke up more than once to find that it had been turned off. for a whole week, my phone went berserk. i had a hard time typing a message, and even when it was idle, the number 1 would keep appearing. yes, i may be stretching it a little, but freaky or not, perhaps this is just God's way of telling me that i should renew my eroding faith, because these occurrences have actually imbued in me a desire to have some quiet time for prayer and contemplation and even considered visiting church again after long years of absence. i now turn to sleep with a prayer and will apportion some time to exorcise my demons, of the supernatural kind, and otherwise.

* * *

i am now entitled to paid leaves at the office -- a privilege as well as a right that i did not enjoy last year. i'm going to use my first 3 for a trip to batanes next week, and since i've volunteered to design the shirt, i'm now starting to miss my brother -- while i'm not totally bereft of talent, he's really a gifted artist and would've rendered a much better illustration for the shirt. anyway, i am excited about the vacation -- it would be my first for the year that's not a climb. but i did take off not just a few times in 2006, with permission or otherwise, and the consequence has been deductions. when a summary of my earnings was given to me early this week, i was shocked that my deductions for the year summed up to almost a month's salary! although i didn't necessarily feel these subtractions at the time they were made, the summary really surprised me.