the kings are king (again)

i just came from the gym where i didn't manage to finish my workout because of the enervating and tightly-fought game 6 finals between san miguel beer and my team, the barangay ginebra kings. now that's a championship game. when i first turned my attention to the TV, the beermen were ahead by 10 points. whaaat!? i took the treadmill and ran a 2.2km course (the length of the academic oval) in less than 11"30'. it's a little faster, but i hope to make it a flat 11 minutes next time. i'm focusing on speed in my runs right now, although i haven't run a route longer than 6kms lately. when i finished the run, the kings were still behind by a margin of as much as 11 points. don't tell me there's going to be a game 7. but while i was working on my pecs, ginebra was within 3 points. and when they inched closer, the lead inflating to 5, then deflating to 3, i couldn't lift anymore. grabe. nakakapanghinang manood ng mga laban na ganyan. it's a friday and there are really few people in the gym, but most of them were glued to the set, watching the game. to hell with fitness! it's ginebra gunning for the championship. and woohoo! nanalo ang ginebra! and what the fart was rudy hatfield trying to do in the end? it was like watching a pro wrestling match. haha. really funny!

and when i stepped out of the gym, there was fireworks coming from the area near speedzone. when i reached net one, the explosions were bouncing off the buildings, and the sounds clapped and thundered like i was locked inside a pinball machine! wow. may kinalaman kaya yung fireworks sa pagkapanalo ng ginebra?

Realmente! Ginebra won! Wohoo....

Btw, how are you Alman? Congrats pala for being VP Internal.

Ellen 2k3
hi ellen! missed you during your last visit. thanks ha. medyo it's still sinking in -- the responsibilities, that is. haha. bisitahin ka namin dyan down under. :D
Yeah, sorry di na ako nagpakita sa AMCI.
Hope you visit Sydney. That will be fun.
When do you plan to visit? Just do let me know.