queer eye for a square guy

"something low maintenance." that was my instruction to the senior stylist at the bench fix salon at the ELJ building when i was asked what kind of haircut i wanted. i have never been a creature of habit: routines bore me and i thrive on change, but when i went to the barbershop at philcoa yesterday, i found out that my barber of 5 years has left the country. i've been visiting the same barbershop since my undergrad days in UP, and this is my second barber to leave the country. i felt that my wires had been shortcircuited and that my world had tilted a little. i didn't know what to do. was i going to get a new barber? i was unsure. but i was also scheduled to work out at the FF in ABS-CBN. and there happened to be a bench fix salon there. i've visited it before, not recently, when i went to see my barber and found out he had gone on vacation. i got a nice cut, but i had the worst time styling it. i couldn't comb it at all. my hair looked nice right after the cut (and the shampoo, the rinse, the blowdry, the clay) when i looked at it in the mirror, but i wonder whether i could actually sustain this look for more than a month. it takes too much effort to do it in the morning, and maintain it throughout the rest of the day. i'm not really much of a metrosexual, and i don't bother so much about how my hair looks. but maybe i should. trouble is, my hair stylist suggests that i visit him at least twice a month. at P225 a cut and with a generous tip as well, i'm not sure i can sustain that! yeesh! find me a barber!

* * *

i timed a respectable 58' 13", and i am really proud of myself. i wasn't at all prepared for a 10km run, but when mardel announced last friday that he had a race packet which he won't be using, i gladly offered my legs to do the running. yes, i've been doing my sprints in the gym, but i lacked the proper training to sustain a good pace in a long run, exposed to the elements. there's a world of a difference between the treadmill and a real road, with inclines, declines, pollution, turns, crowds, sun, water stations, cars, etc! my best time has been shy over 55 minutes. i hope to do a sub-55 in my next 10km. and while i am not wont to making announcements, i hope to do a much longer run in the future. but a full marathon? not likely. weirdest thing is that people keep asking me if i'll be running a marathon. i don't think i'll last more than 2 and a half hours on the road. people think i'm fast, but what they don't know is that this is something i had to work really hard to achieve: whatever state of fitness i'm in is a result of a lot of effort and perseverance, since i used to be such a weakling -- no, worse. i was a lampayatot. now i'm into all these sporting endeavors. but what i don't have is an inborn athleticism. i don't have innate physical strength or might or speed or coordination or whatever. and at this stage, i can't exactly count on my youth. i really think i lost a lot while i was slaving away at law school. sigh.
Low maintainance haircut? I usually have my hair cut short and I just mess it all up. Saves me shampoo and the hassle of having to comb it before I go. =)

You said you are not a metrosexual. I know. =p
haha. i need someone to consult about a new wardrobe. want to volunteer? haha.
stylist? bad choice haha (abet's gonna retort hehe). anyways, i'm not also athletic. i have not so good hand, eye, leg coordination. when i was younger, i played basketball and the only asset and "skill" that i had was my height. and at badminton, i ended up as mediocre. but when i discovered endurance and adventure sports, that was an area i know i could do good in.

you could do the marathon. it is more mental then physical. besides it is a great way to see the city from another angle. i've talked to jon jon rufino, a tri athlete and a marathoner, and he tells me that doing marathons abroad is a cheap way to get to know a city.
i need to go physical soon. i can feel my flanks weighing me down... sigh. :(

@ cutebalddiver: Cheh! :p
you said: "it is more mental than physical." since you were walking for most of the remaining 10km, is it safe to say that you lost it, or you slowed down, at least mentally during the last leg of the marathon? ahihihihi.
truth to tell, i lost it mentally for about a minute or so. but carla and arlene and tweet was there to kinda rescue me mentally. everything was hurting. it was pride and ego that kept me going. and happy thoughts until jing came along haha.