pasig marathon postscript

yesterday's events were seriously not part of the plan. like i mentioned in the last previous post, i participated in the 10km run of the philippine marathon for the pasig river. i must add that running long distances (even a 10k) is not one of my favorite activities. to be honest, if there were better ways for me to maintain a healthy heart, to burn fat, and to build endurance, i would probably do those things instead of running. there are many, but very brief highs in the sport of running that unlike hiking along scenic routes, it is not something i necessarily enjoy doing. but while the act of running itself isn't exactly tops in my list, the feeling i get when i finally cross the finish line is incomparable. when i was detagged just after i ran non-stop for over 58 minutes yesterday, i raised my hands, slowed to a trot, fell in line, and muttered, "i love it!"

so after i ran, i went to my office a block away from the finish line, washed up, wiped the sweat off my brows, relaxed my feet and removed my shoes, changed, and blogged. i went back down on the pretext that i would be supporting my friends who were still enduring the remaining 2 hours under the unrelenting sun of the full marathon. at the time, i thought support only meant cheering in the comfort of a car or a bike. what i ended up doing was bringing a plastic bag filled with gatorades and bottled water, walking about half a kilometer of C-5 and intermittently running and walking alongside one of my friends. seriously, if you're breathing heavily along C-5, you'll probably contract a lung disease after just one marathon! but there i was, looking for someone familiar. i gave a small bottle of water to gilbert and doc, and after around 20 minutes, i bumped into roy who was walking along C-5. a little in front of him was chris's pick-up, driven by don, with melay and lia giving roy his shot of powergel, his bite of powerbar, his sip of 100 plus, his ice, his much-needed cheers. not all runners have this much luxury. and since i was there, i was ordered to ride the pick-up, take photographs, and was quickly turned into roy's personal alalay, rushing to him with his needs. and for the last 2 kilometers of the run, i joined him, encouraged him to pick up the pace, and held on to an AMCI banner. and i was shod in slippers too! to be fair, my globe thong slippers are extremely tough! haha.

roy finished with more than 10 minutes before the fifth hour. i wasn't there anymore, but i was told that by the time cutebalddiver was about to finish, the organizers were already disassembling the finish line. haha. nevertheless, good job TB!

oh, and along the way, a lot of people were begging me for my goods. of course i had to keep them in case my runner needed them, but when i saw this young man sitting on the pavement, his face deathly pale, asking me, "kuya may pagkain ba kayo? nahihilo na kasi ako eh", i didn't hesitate to give him half of roy's powerbar. i also gave water to other runners. apparently, the organizers had run out of water, and there were almost no stations left along the last 3k of the route. it felt good to be charitable to these runners.

running alongside roy past the kilometer 40 mark, after mckinley hills, and before essensa.
the multi-colored necklaces are proofs that roy passed specific checkpoints.
we both have technically-cool eyewear; he's wearing a horus, i'm wearing a rydon.
we both have timepieces that replace luck: his is an advizor, mine is an observer.
the jerseys for the 42k and 10k runners are different.
in fact, they have a different finisher's shirt, and a medal to boot!
and that's roy's canon 400D -- i'm still very much a nikonian. :D

photo taken by tintin austria using mardel mission's canon 350D
and you forgot one thing: despite running 40km, he still looks better than you! :-) haha
no way he does not. just look at how older he looks and how he isn't even able to faux a smile. mas maputi lang sa akin si roy! haha.
at parang type mo rin si roy ha. hihihi. funny thing is that while i was running with roy and vicky (2k6) saw me, she gave me water thinking i was also running the 42km! hindi ba nya napansin na naka-tsinelas lang ako? kunsabagay, meron nga tumakbo na nakapaa eh! laban ka dun? hehe.
nakita ko yung naka paa. kasabay ko siya when we did the turn at the half way point. kaya impossible ako nag lakad ng 40km. hmmmm.... you and your libelous remark. pasalamat ka hindi ako si FG.