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what are friends are for

while running my hand through my hair yesterday, i noticed that there was a beak right smack in the middle of my nape. unbeknownst to me, my stylist had actually given me a very small tail. did he think i was into the latest hair trends? yuck! i had better visit the barber soon and get this removed. haha.

* * *

last saturday, after our office sportsfest, i went straight to glorietta for its annual midnight sale. i got myself two pairs of new balance shoes. a classic, for everyday wear, and a pair of yellow trail runners, which, i fear, might be half a size too big for my size 10 feet. initially, i thought getting a large size would be good since this is something i'd run off road, but when i took them for a test on a treadmill, i started to feel pain in my right shin, just after i hit 1.5kms. i'll try it out again later, on pavement this time. i wonder if i can actually get this pair replaced with a smaller size. after all, it hasn't been to anywhere other than the gym. we'll see.

* * *

last sunday, i received a series of text messages from don. here it was:

2.50am: Hoy pasensya na kahapon, salamat.
2.54am: I owe you bgtym, nawasak ako kagabi
3.02am: I really owe you big time, first time nangyari sakin un
3.12am: Ngayun lang bumalik kaluluwa ko.
6.53am: Thanks alman
8.30am: Salamat din pala
9.52am: Ei binigyan na ako ni liah ng recoleksyon ng mga nangyari, salamat talaga sobra alman

just over a week after the anilao episode, i got my hands dirty with don as dyake did with arlene.

after a few purchases at glorietta, i went to the macapagal home depot where roy's glass solutions by jaro glass had its soft opening. i was a little late, but i still managed to sample some tempura, oysters, and about two glasses of white wine. i was half surprised that there was no beer around. roy's new showroom was quite impressive. there was an elevated glass ledge there, half of which stood on square pieces of glass stacked one on top of the other. i was almost afraid to step on the panes, lest they crack under me. but roy in fact encouraged me to jump. and i did. many times. roy also featured his company's latest projects, such as the renovation of the former cebu plaza hotel into the marco polo cebu, the iloilo international airport, and even the sofitel, formerly the westin philippine plaza. when roy joked about making a million pesos a month, i really think he was joking. he must be making more.

anyway, zoom into past 6pm, and we're all out of wine. don talked to me about getting a bike, and he kept pushing my shoulder, so i steered clear of him. later, i see him getting a half-empty glass of wine from a table, poured the contents into his own glass, and gobbled it. later, he poured some water on chris's back, nearly choked melay, and scattered empty shells of clams onto roy's showroom. later on i saw him slumped on a chair in the corner, contemplating his converse shoes. liah arrived and was wondering what the hell was going on. we gave don some water, some of which he drank, but most of which he poured on his body. he got really wet, and we knew we had to get him some dry clothing lest he get sick in his damp shirt. chris helped him to stand while i went to my bag to get the yellow shirt i won at the badminton christmas party raffle. i wore it over lunch during the company sportsfest. don burped, like a child, and something came out of his mouth. so chris and i rushed him to the toilet and let him expel whatever it was that wanted to get out. it smelled as if don had belched a whole bottle of wine, mixed with unmasticated food. in just a few seconds, don managed to clog the sink. so we moved him to the next sink. it didn't appear that the water was draining. so i took my hand, plunged it into the murky, foul-smelling pond, and started picking out the debris covering the sinkhole. i pulled out rings of squid, pieces of vegetables, bites of shrimp, slivers of pancit. i must have been really late since i only got to eat some of these.

we turned on the tap and started rinsing don. i took off his wet shirt and wiped him dry with my towel. then he stood up, and asked that i bring him to the cubicle. i did. he unzipped his pants and i turned him towards the bowl, thinking he might be doing a minor. but when he started to push down his pants, i realized he was about to do number 2. don anokaba! i said and left him to the privacy of his cubicle. i stepped out of the toilet and told roy that don was alone in the cubicle. roy stormed inside the cubicle, looked at don whose pants was down his knees, and asked, pre, anong problema? roy was concerned that don might fall asleep inside the cubicle. trust me on this: it was not a pretty sight. i pulled roy out of the cubicle, and when we left, don locked himself in. we slipped some tissue under him, and apparently, roy threw in the shirt as well. a while later, liah was also in the toilet, checking to see don if he was still alive.

while i was smothering my hands with alcogel from jing, liah called me, and said: alman, halika. may problema. i asked what it was. and she said, si don, si don. i went back into the toilet and found that don had his pants on, but he was still on the toilet seat, unresponsive. so i asked: what was the problem? she said she suspected that don hadn't cleaned after himself. i looked at the tissue. they hadn't been used. i looked around for my shirt. it was behind the toilet seat. and well, let's just say that yes, don cleaned after himself. with my shirt. i was torn between laughing and crying over a seldom-used shirt. i proceeded to wash that part of the shirt that, well, had been stained, and before i could inform roy what had happened, he took the shirt, and we put it over don. sir manny and i then helped don out of the toilet, out of the barely-finished depot, and into chris's pick-up. i suggested to chris to line his car with newspaper since don had some reserves coughing out of him.

there's a lesson to be learned here. like i said in the last previous entry, you should only only get wasted in the company of friends. and friends don't get any better than AMCI mountaineers -- these are people you will entrust your life and your dignity with. the next lesson is this, something that arlene learned last week: be sure the journalist is wasted ahead of you, lest you find your story blogged on the internet. haha.
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