iPod therefore iRun

this is actually old news, it comes as a surprise that the inquirer should report it like it was fresh. of course, the nike + has yet to invade philippine shores, although i've read about it in the third quarter of last year. and last week, i got to try out the product. i'm particularly amazed. with the iPod, that is. it provided me with up-to-the-moment updates on my speed, the distance i've covered, and the time remaining. when i took it for a test run, the nike people even allowed me to use size 11 nike running shoes. i don't think they wanted any comments, but i gave them feedback anyway. i said that i felt some soreness in the arch of both my soles, a testament to the fact that nike shoes are no good at running. but the iPod did pretty well. in my 30 minutes, it told me that i had covered 5.65 kilometers, burned 440 calories, and accomplished a kilometer in less than 5 minutes and 15 seconds. pretty good news. i think the music pumped me a little and encouraged me to keep going at amazing speeds. now it hasn't been calibrated to my pace and my stride, but i was informed -- and i tended to believe -- that it was 92% accurate out-of-the-box. my only disappointment over the product is that why did the iPod partner with nike on this? the pedometer is proprietary -- it's placed in a special place beneath the sole insert, where you don't feel it at all. but nike's running shoes suck! they should have partnered with mizuno or new balance or adidas instead. too bad. unless nike's running shoes improve, i don't think i'll get the product.
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mine's only 91% accurate. and you don't need nike pluses (shoes) for the system to work...

but doesn't the pedometer measure your distance based on heel strike and stride? where do you attach the thing on another shoe, such as NB? i know there are small coin purses for shoes, maybe you can slip it inside one of them?
i've gone through some forums and found out that it won't make a diff if you put it under the sole or over it...

attached mine under the laces, the shoe flap thing, using velcro = )
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someone told me that there is a way to use the ipod with running shoes other than nike shoes. if you find out how, tell! tell! tell! hehe. someone gave me that ipod with the chip but i refuse to buy the shoes.