education never ends

i am now stuck in a hall filled to bursting with lawyers trying to beat the april 14 deadline for their MCLE (mandatory continuing legal education) compliance. the food is good, the surroundings are refreshing, the free wi-fi is amazingly fast, and it feels a lot like a homecoming -- the younger lawyers are in my circle of acquaintances: either they were batchmates in law school, former colleagues, or friends in legal circles, while the lecturers are all former professors. while there are an abundance of cool people here and the lectures are at times brilliant, the MCLE is in the whole an utterly useless activity. very little value is added, and nothing extremely relevant is imparted. also, some people here have brought the cutthroat cultures of their office with them, comparing notes with everyone, asking things like, where do you work, what’s your position, how long have you been with that office, how much are you earning. a lot of them are really stuffy, arriving in their barongs and suits even when they’re not appearing before a judge. i didn’t even bother to lace on my leather shoes. i have never liked lawyers and have always had a low opinion of them. my friend jason joked yesterday that if someone blew up the hall, he won’t even be considered a criminal, but lionized as a hero. killing almost 300 lawyers, he’d be doing the nation a favor. after all, what do you call 1,000 lawyers under the sea? a good start.

on my first day here at the innotech, i found out that the entire place is a hotspot. yesterday, i brought my iBook with me and started downloading songs over at limewire, and by the end of this week, i should already have about 600 additional songs covering various genres: house, trance, techno, dance, alternative, grunge, reggae. my dilemma now really is that i’ve run out of songs to download. what else can i add to my iPod?