jologs ako, may reklamo?

remember my delusional statement to the malaysian girl in mesilau? remember the photo i had with karylle and ding-dong where i said, good luck with atlantika? remember all those celebrities when i went to boracay? the jologation doesn't stop there.

saw echo at velasquez park, skateboarding. he was about to leave when we decided to have a picture taken. shouted at him: "jericho!" even made small talk about melissa, his former handler, and my very good friend. dragged tatax along for the photo. (ako lang actually ang may gusto.)
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omg! i so love jericho! more than piolo. i hate you alman, i hate you!
hahaha. wait till you see the other pictures. it's not my first time to have one taken with echo. ma-post nga.
haha. half-brothers perhaps. i am the uglier half. or maybe he got all the good genes. haha. lamang lang sya ng maraming bisita sa derma. :D
where is velazquez park?