i know what i did last tuesday

jay was not my sole preoccupation yesterday. i had to run some errands for my mom, aside from having to meet up with mr ed fuentes of sun village for some legal work he has asked me to do. i'm crossing my fingers that it will eventually involve a trip to boracay as well. he did show me some pictures of the ecological tragedy at boracay. that's really sad. after that, i met up with ava for a late lunch. she saw me looking out into the distance while i was inside the bus. i asked her to treat me to a piece of cake at cheesecake, etc. burp! after that, i did my errand for my mom, then went to the gym to get a salt scrub. ouch! now that's exfoliation on wheels for you. my exposure to the sun over the weekend had made me darker than usual, and so when i stepped out of the locker room, the girls were remarking that not only did i lose so much weight, my color's really nice. not exactly burned, but just a healthy-looking dark. the lotion may have helped since i glistened. i do have tan lines where my shorts were. although there wasn't much sun when we had our water safety, the chlorine may have contributed to the color.

after a 3 week absence, i finally got to do jazz again. i was out of shape, as i had difficulty doing those turns and kicks. like swimming, i can't quite master that assemblé and chassé (read, sha-say) turn. i can barely hack the plié to begin with. but at least, my flexibility hasn't wavered. i will eventually do that layout better. now with that huge mirror in front of you, i realized a few things: that i'm reed thin, i'm pitch dark, and my hair is an awful mess! i don't quite look like the lawyer people may have imagined. i like it!

i went home late at night, hounded by text messages asking for legal advice. i really have to stop giving these out for free. people are getting used to it.
May itatanong pa sana ako.
Sana na lang pag may bayad na para hindi naman dyahe. :-)
Tama, magpabayad ka na!! Pang-beer din natin iyon.

hehe. basta ba naman hindi seryosong consulta, oks lang. pakiramdam ko kasi, itong ibang mga kakilala ko, sobrang laki ang natitipid sa pagkonsulta sa akin. eh kung mga what-if scenarios lang over bottles of strong ice, eh bakit hindi? hehe.
Sige ba, magsabi ka lang. Karen (as in kalad-karen) friend din ako. Huwag lang ngayong weekend kasi Baguio ako. Pasyal at muni-muni.

Tuesday's lunch out
Ava here. As you have suggested during lunch last Tuesday, I am visiting your livejournal to find out what you've been up to since Lowell left for Canada (which I believe to be the reckoning date when we last saw each other). Your picture with wings (you told me this was supposed to refer to a TV show in GMA?) was funny-- though I think you really are much too thin! Just look at any of our photos when we were freshmen at UP Law and you'll totally agree with me.

I finally sent Lowell an e-mail. I guess curiosity got the better of me-- I really want to find out how he fell in love and who he fell in love with. I feel happy for Lowell's having found somebody special-- Canada, after all, is the country where the most number of lonely people reside. Or so some survey I read says.

If you're wondering why I chose Scarlet Holmes as my username, I've been reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novels and short stories on Sherlock Holmes. The title of the first novel is a "A Study in Scarlet", thus the name Scarlet Holmes. As for Sherlock's last name, it's interesting that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle got it from the eminent U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Let me know when you're about to visit Ayala Museum. I'll try to get away from the Firm even for just a few minutes.

Re: Tuesday's lunch out
hehe. i hold no pretension, ava, that i live a life less ordinary. but i suppose it's just a notch more interesting than the lives of our colleagues. the entries here, more than anything, are just exercises for me. i need to constantly write so that i won't forget how it's done. i'll tell you when i'm in makati again. the ayala museum café serves the most expensive cheesecakes. sinful.