just sonny

the other day, i saw the hon. juan edgardo angara, representative of the lone district of aurora, at the gym. "hey, sonny!" i called out to him and i think he was a little surprised. he asked how i was, the gentleman that he is, and i asked "aren't you supposed to be campaigning?" he said he was unopposed. we made more small talk about work, etc., then he says, "hey don't forget to vote for my dad." i assured him that i will be writing sen. angara's name on my ballot, along with a few other names, although i said, i hadn't completed my slate yet. "are you going to vote for all the UP law guys?" he asked. i said, well, there's arroyo, pangilinan, and angara, yes, but not all of them. "like who else?" he asked. the name of the candidate escaped my mind, but later that night, i remembered that i won't vote for chiz escudero because i think he's an obnoxious, self-absorbed, extremely self-righteous man who thinks he's so much better than everyone else. one time i happened to listen to him on radio while i was on a cab, and a question was asked about whether it's illegal to kiss in a cinema, and he replied that there is no direct law punishing that, but they can be prosecuted for alarms and scandals (art. 155 of the revised penal code). what the fucking what? that crime is committed when someone fires a gun in a public place; takes part in a charivari or disorderly meeting; when the public peace is disturbed at night; and when a person causes any disturbance or scandal in a public place. i suppose he found this "kiss" to be scandalous. i mean that's just not right. my criminal law professor would have fell on his seat if he heard this. and i would suppose the other remaining UP law graduate running for senator, koko pimentel, wouldn't have made the same mistake. he topped the bar, after all. but would i vote for him? what has he proven? nothing except being descended from sen. aquilino pimentel and being married to a former beauty queen. and please, the novelty of topping the bar wears off after a year, so don't even pound on that. anyway, as sonny was about to leave, he waved goodbye, and i said, "sige congressman." he looked back with a smile and said, "just sonny."
Just Sonny
I usually see him at posh hotel restaurants (when meeting with clients), and I fear that he may be turning into a "trapo" (like his dad). One time I received a friend request in my friendster account from Ed Angara- eeekk!!! I instantly deleted the request, of course.- ALT
Re: Just Sonny
i think we should disabuse ourselves with the illusion that there are actually non-traditional politicians. do you think that the party list representatives are non-trapo? think again. anyone who proclaims that he or she is not a trapo is a hypocrite of the highest level, and i will have qualms voting for that person for the simple reason that he or she isn't acquainted with reality.