her name was lola, she was a showgirl

i was up early this morning for no particular reason, so i walked the dogs, helped out my mom, and went back to sleep. i only left my bed when it was finally time to leave the house for a 1pm appointment at megamall. i left at around 12.45pm. on my way to megamall, i saw this old woman on the MRT:
lola, the showgirl
she was greatly preoccupied with concealing her face underneath her wide brimmed hat. it was not a particularly sunny day, and it certainly wasn't sunny inside the train. the air-conditioning was running full blast. i looked in amazement at the old woman's audacious sense of fashion.

sophie arrived a few minutes after i did, and we promptly ordered a beef dish at superbowl. i wasn't particularly satisfied with the meal. and even after my future client, madel, and her boyfriend, earl, arrived to order more food, i wasn't quite as happy as i had expected. the flour in the crispy lemon chicken was just too overpowering, and the yang chow rice was nothing but ordinary. but then again i ought not complain too much since i wasn't paying. they consulted me about some unlawful detainer issues. i decided to charge them below the industry rates, since this was going to be under summary procedure, and they will most likely be unable to collect after the case is over.

the meeting took a long time, because we had dessert at sugarhouse. turtle pie remains to be my comfort food. after that, i ran to jollibee plaza, then to shangri-la mall to drop by the north face retail store. i was quite literally salivating. i was almost tempted to use my card to buy a pair of ultra gore-tex trail running shoes. but how on earth am i going to pay for that within the next month? i mean, P6,500 for a pair of shoes which don't even fit well? crazy.

i ended up arriving at the fort later than usual. jay was already there, and it was my turn to give him the cold shoulder. now i've made a star out of jay in the past few entries, and the poor guy doesn't deserve any more beating... or does he? i mean, he is starting to really claw into my patience. i was running a good run, but after my 11th round, i felt a sharp, stabbing pain on my knees. the pain really was too painful to ignore. it started at my ankles, and crawled up to my right knee. it was hurting so much, i felt like falling. so i had to walk at least 2 rounds out of our 18. jay caught me walking, and screamed, "huli ka! naglalakad ka!" putanginamo jay. go buy yourself a tamagotchi, that just might help. that statement, taken alone, is probably not enough to burst my bubble. but this guy jay sort of grows on you. the gall to say that i'm improving. since when was he the benchmark?

i was already visibly pissed as the night drew to a close. good thing i went with tin to the pacific towers for a dip in the pool. man, that place is just much too much. the views from the 37th floor are just amazing. i said, "look at the lights!" and tin's househelp said, "bilangin mo." aba. pasaway! the unit is being leased by tin's sister for about P125k a month. there's a grand piano and an orlina sculpture inside. it's just too nice. while we were there, i made fun of jay's inane comments (i had mellowed, a little), and only realized that a handful of the members find him particularly disagreeable. well, not much i could do about that.

we had tapa king delivered for dinner, and ended up playing billiards at pier 1. i had another bottle of strong ice. i could get used to it, actually. i played a few good games. well, i did make a couple of really good shots which had more to do with luck rather than skill, actually. doc ron was a particularly helpful coach. we left at around 2am. some motorcycle drivers offered to take us to EDSA. this is another raket, i suppose. but it's actually a little scary because they just might end up kidnapping us. for whatever we're worth.
life is a mystery
and so is she... could she be the mystery woman in "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"?
Re: life is a mystery
perhaps. i'm thinking, she's looking for a green hill overlooking the blue bay, and she looks out into the horizon, with the wind whisking her hair in all directions, and she lets go of the hat, and it rolls gently down where the sheep are... but then, where in pinas do you find that? batanes, maybe.