Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

feeling king of the road... with a small crown

it took me an hour and nearly 2 minutes to complete the adidas king of the road yesterday. it was held at the usual route used by the milo marathon. this is still over 6 minutes off my goal of getting back to sub-55, as i did in my last milo marathon in 2005. during the run, i was beset by some bothersome pain on, of all places, at the top of my left foot, where the shoe's tongue rests (possibly including the intermediate and lateral cuneiform bones and maybe the navicular bone, all under the inferior extensor retinaculum tendon). i also had some pain in the stomach which i successfully ignored for the entire time i was running. what i could not ignore though was the need to heed the call of nature. i felt extremely heavy on the way back at the turnaround in libertad. on the way back, after 6 or so kilometers, i spotted a pair of portalets along the baywalk, and i ran towards it. to my disappointment, i found both locked! i had slowed down at the time so i had to push on the asphalt again. after about 300 meters, i found this newly-opened portalet with a sign: P5.00 only. told the guy cleaning it: "manong, pagamit!" (and he was kind enough to understand that i had no means to pay.) when i was inside, i felt that the entire thing was throbbing. i actually felt a little dizzy, with my heart pumping all that blood all over my body all the way to my head, and i was standing there motionless, relieving myself of excess liquids. but i felt really good after that and i ran faster than i expected, despite having lost over 3 minutes already. nelson was in a race with me at the time, although i think he couldn't resist the urge to walk, and i crossed the tape ahead of him and many others as well. time on my suunto was 1:01:46. time on my iPod nano with the nike+: 1:01:58 (wasn't able to end the workout immediately, and it was still inaccurate because the distance was measured at only 8.39km). official time, probably 30 seconds more. hey! it took me more than that to even get to the starting line since we started at the back! and there were just too many people in front that i started running only when i got to the manila hotel!

a valuable lesson here is not to stop immediately when you feel you can't run anymore. it's better to just keep walking at a steady pace. but the asics runners did pretty good!

so i guess i have to be serious with my resolve not just to train this batch, but to train with this batch. the milo marathon's not until 20 days from now, so i still have an opportunity to improve my time, lose weight, and be more fit. i'm getting a pair of adizero CS so my asics won't retire too soon. am i suddenly back in the game? time is improving, but not good enough.
Tags: 10k, adidas king of the road, road race, running
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