is the word that best describes my experience watching "transformers" yesterday. i don't think i've ever been this happy with a movie since "300". i was totally glued to the big screen, with mouth slightly agape, seeing a childhood fantasy come to life. my generation, those born between 1973 till about 1979, has been fascinated by a string of afternoon and weekend cartoons of the 80s (it was the saturday fun machine, if i remember correctly), which included cult classics and also a few largely unremembered serieses, such as voltes V, GI joe, silverhawks, thundercats, tigersharks, voltron, astro boy, he-man, she-ra, mazinger-z, rainbow brite, richie rich, superfriends, bionic six, robotech, the jetsons, the care bears, shazam!, visionaries, the smurfs, garfield and friends, shirt-tales, mighty man and yukk, ghostbusters, inspector gadget, plastic man, the inhumanoids, the flintstones, scooby doo, etc.

some of these have been made into live-action movies, with little success. macaulay culkin's turn in richie rich was forgettable, there was a B-rated he-man movie, the flintstones and scooby doo were fun, i suppose, and so was ghostbusters and garfield. but you tend to forget everything else after michael bay presented us with amazing camera angles and fantastic action scenes that closed down city blocks, destroyed buildings, and blew up many cars, tanks, planes, and helicopters! megatron is gone but i'd so want to have a follow-up. preferably with the dinobots as well ("me, grimlock!").

i just wanted to jump for joy when i heard optimus prime say "autobots, roll out!" although it should have been "autobots, transform and roll out!" the transforming sound was music! love this movie! i want to see it again. and optimus prime's voice! his proclivity for speeches and his tendency to be overly upright was just absolutely faithful. it looks strange, actually, for a warrior race, but it's true to the cartoon series. but why was bumble bee a chevrolet camaro? haha. shia labeouf was perfect for the role of sam witwicky. this kid's an amazing actor, i can't wait to see "disturbia". i loved the humor of the film, especially the part where they tried to hide themselves at the witwicky household. rich! oh, and i clapped at the end of the movie. yeah.

wonder which 80s cartoons should hit the big screen next?
you have an N93i? wow!

oh you should really see transformers.

and how can i forget bravestarr and his talking horse? haha.
bumblebee is a camaro because they didn't get a license from vw. all the vehicles are gmc.
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