Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

de*bauch*er*y. noun. unrestrained self-indulgent behavior

the virgin party happened last friday and it was a joint birthday celebration of janice and myself who are both virgos. i'm not exactly a huge fan of horoscopes, and i don't bother to check them regularly unless someone tells me what the stars have predicted, but we decided to call it that to attract more attention. and attract it did. AMCI people arrived dressed in what i requested was either pure, chaste, or virginal. i dare say that this is the AMCI party against which all other parties will be measured. already, xenon is under extreme pressure to make something out of his own scorpio nights, which has enjoyed less than stellar attendances these past two years. but really, the icing on the kinky cake was the not-so-surprise performance of up dharma down. i was totally in control of everything, serving thad's vile blue frog to people, giving out my own concoction of red bull vodka, making sure kuya mar has a steady supply of SMB pale pilsen, checking on my friends from tricol, getting buzzed by everyone, receiving gifts and tokens and donations. when janice told me "friend, up dharma down is here", i just totally lost it. it was like i was drunk and hyper at the same time, screaming into their ears, ohmygodican'tbelieveyou'rehere. i even had to press my index finger against armi's shoulder just to say, ohshityou'reforreal. and after that, i had a memory gap, not remembering what exactly took place until i realized i was cleaning up.

i do recall losing out to joane in a three-way beer-drinking contest, telling one of up dharma's groupies that she was beautiful about 10 times and discovering later that she gave me a smack, kissing at least 2 girls (and i mean, really kiss), smacking bojo and zean, dirty dancing with ken, and practically everything a lawyer ought not to do, lest he find himself under the scrutiny of the IBP. it was all great fun, and i'm happy to say that while people got genuinely drunk, no one was throwing up and making a mess of TB's mom's house in greenhills. the party would not have been as successful as it was had the AMCI band not provided instruments and played, had people we coaxed to bring extra booze and drinks not fulfilled their pledges, had people not come, had i not been my usual crazy self, had janice's brother not convinced his band to come and play. it was a really memorable party. and at some point, xenon asked: can you sustain it? i think i made a speech about starting an AMCI tradition. yes, we're doing this again. we have an entire year to save and plan for it. and 11 other signs to await.

again, thanks for making this last birthday an extremely memorable one.

Tags: birthday, up dharma down, virgin party, virgo
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