31 things: before i forget...

20th thing: birthday greetings
i subjected myself to this exercise in the last three years that this blog has been alive, and while i have been rather scarce lately, i owe it to my good friend jay (who is the director of pilipinas sierra's BMC) to post this. besides, my phone, despite its large memory, is aching to be relieved of far too many stored messages -- which just shows that i have made many new contacts this year, if not new friends. the fact that many of them are not known to me (or whose names aren't saved on my phonebook, at least, since i am not in the habit of erasing numbers, nor am i used to replying, hus dis?), shows how efficient i am at spreading news of my getting older. here are the greetings i received through text in chronological order (and, as usual, in verbatim):

1. cisco (GSM) - Advancd hapy bday
2. angie (mt. pulag 2004) - Hi alman this stl ur number. Belated happy birthday. Or is it advance? Anyway, hope it was, is or will be a happy one. Been a long time. Hope we get to catch up soon and swap stories. Take care!
3. mardel (AMCI) - Happy Birthday!
4. jay (pilipinas sierra) - [1/2] Happy Birthday Alman! [2/2] I know. I want u to put me in a place of distinction in ur blog! Bwahahaha
5. ryan (AMCI B2k5) - Advance happy beerday!
6. jason (AMCI B2k5) - Happy birthday my friend.
7. lowell (UP law 2002) – [1/3] Happy, happy birthday, dear friend Alman! May you climb and conquer many more peaks in your life. Always remember to thank the Lord for His unceasing generosity [2/3] You've been so blessed, Alman. God is so good. Enjoy your special day & embrace one more year added to your age. Stay young: moisturize, exercise, water, (sex) [3/3] True, true. I miss our sense of humor. Hahaha. We're so conceited. I'll be expecting you here soon. Don't get too wasted tonight. Ingat.
8. TB (AMCI) - Happy 35th Birthday!
9. joanne (AMCI B2k7) - Hi. Happy birthday! Ü take care! G0odnight/m0rning!
10. aaron (AMCI B2k7) - [1/2] Hapy bday alman, wish u ol d best n ur god given day. Thanks 4 being such a true frend.. [2/2] Thanks alman 4 d support 4 d whole batch everybody loves u 4 real!
11. jay (AMCI B2k6) - Happy bday again alman!gudnyt!
12. cheryl (GSM) - Yo Doug (dave)!Happy Birthday mah main man Q! All your hommies in gsm are gona party lize coz its your birthday!We'r gona chillin' n feelin' coz its ur bday!Smack that ass n screw that numbr called AGE coz another year has come 2 chillax n have more fun!Are u feeling me?!Are u?Happy bday Q!Peace out!
13. jomen (AMCI B2k6) - Hi, Alman! Happy Birthday! Ü Have a great day!
14. ike (AMCI B2k6) - Happy birthday, yo! Have a wonderful and blessed day.
15. manoy sonny, jill, and (future) nephew luigi - Hi Alman,Happy Birthday! May the Lord continue to bless you indeed, enlarge your territory, may His hands & protection be upon you always.Enjoy your day.
16. neri (AMCI B2k7) - Happy bday (",) i wish u good health, mwuahh luv yeah my friend ü
17. ogz's (pilipinas sierra) - Isang maligayang kaarawan syo!
18. art (pilipinas sierra) - hey dave. hapi bday. may mga email ka yata. chek mo. hehe.
19. manong bong - Hapi bday 2 u... Hapi bday 2 u... Hapi bday, hapi bday... Hapi bday 2 u...
20. jing (AMCI) - Happy birthday alman ü
21. suzette (AMCI B2k7) - Bday greetings Alman! All the best!
22. francis (AMCI B2k5) - Happy birthday batchmate, VP, BMC Dir & friend
23. maxine (AMCI B2k7) - Happy, Happy Birthday Alman!!ü
24. chet (UP law 2002) - Hapi bday, alman. Ü
25. lyn (AMCI B2k5) - Happy bday alman! U'r almost off d calendar Ü
26. aryxz (AMCI B2k5) - hapi bday 2 ü. hapi bday 2 ü. hapi bday 2 ü.. hapi bday 2 ü. may ü hav mor meaningful bdays 2 come! mwah! mwah! mwah! God bless & take care ü
27. arnel (AMCI) - hi alman happy bday
28. chito (pilipinas sierra) - alman, 31 ka na! yeheey! kailan ka magpapainom? wala bang climb for "us". sagot mo lahat. happy birthday.
29. bitoy (AMCI) - Happy birthday Alman!
30. bert (AMCI) - Happy bday Alman!
31. unlisted - Ei happy bday alman!!ü
32. unlisted - Happy birthday alman!Ü
33. kim (AMCI B2k6) - Happy Birthday Alman! Have a great one
34. dad and mom - Happy Birthday
35. jenny (AMCI B2k5) - Hapi bday, alman! Ü
36. cheryl (AMCI) - Alman, Happy birthday ü May God grant you the deepest desires of your heart. And may love, peace, and joy be with you always ü
37. unlisted - happy bday alman!
38. genie (AMCI 2k6) - Happy birthday alman darling! Here's to another year of your great friendship, company, cooking, and all around multi-talented goodnessü love, genie. *mwah!*
39. alexis (AMCK 2k5) - Happy birthday alman
40. rendo (AMCI 2k5) - Happy beer day!
41. jing (AMCI) - Happy birthday alman ü
42. jem (UP law/CASE law) - Happy happy birthday! (",)
43. marc (AMCI 2k6) - Happy birthday bro!
44. angie (AMCI) - Happy Birthday! It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. (",)
45. sansu (AMCI) - Happy birthday!Happy beerday!Mwah!Hugs!Cheers!May u live for many many yirs!
46. beng (AMCI 2k5) - Hey alman, happy bday! Hnpe u have a great day! Im glad to have u as my batchmate. Keep it up.
47. badong (AMCI 2k7) - Sir! Hapi-Bday!
48. carla (AMCI) - ... Til then, enjoy d rest of ur bday.
49. alexis (quirino elementary school/TCQC) - Happy bday atty! 32 k n ryt?
50. gerry (AMCI 2k5) - Hapy bday
51. wash (AMCI 2k7) - Hi training director alman. Happy birthday to you! (",)
52. jenipay (AMCI 2k7) - Hapi bday alman! Wish u more happiness, love and good health! Stay happy!Ü God bless.Ü
53. dyake (AMCI 2k5) - Happy beerday!
54. charmie (GSM) - Happy bday!
55. lara (GSM) - Happy bday quiboquibo! Mwah!
56. josh (AMCI 2k7) - Hapi bday sir alman!godbless all areas of ur life!
57. chester (AMCI 2k7) - Happy happy birthday sir alman! (",)
58. unlisted - Happy birthday
59. johnbee (pilipinas sierra) - Hoy happy bday! Anu na, me opening na ba senyo? Kelangan q n talga magwork!
60. roy (AMCI) - happy birthday my frend.. more blessings to come!
61. kat (AMCI) - Happy Boitday my dear Alman!! Heard u hv a party,kaw tlga d mo nman ako invite.Hehe. Party nalng tyo here in baguio 1 tym. C u TC3.
62. unlisted - Belated happy birthday.
63. JC (AMCI 2k5) - Alman dear, belated Happy Bday!ü C u tm!
64. unlisted - Hoping you have a happy happy birthday!
65. unlisted - Ei, blatd hapi bday! A bot of vodka 2nyt! He£! (",)
66. melay (AMCI) - [1/2] Happy bday! [2/2] Belated pala hehe. Better late than never ü
67. medi (AMCI 2k5) - Hi Alman, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (",)
68. zaza (AMCI 2k6) - Happy birhtday alman! Enjoy your day! (",)
69. ryan (AMCI 2k6/2k7) - Happy Birthday! More to come!
70. neil (KK) - Hey i heard it was your irthday yesterday. Happy birthday bro. More power! (",)
71. unlisted - Happy bday!
72. brody (AMCI 2k6) - Happy birthday,belated alman. i mean belated happy returns, still. ya, u r d m0ving force,may it be w u.d force.
73. janet (AMCI 2k5) - Friend sorry i can't make it talaga. I wanted to c0me to your party alam m0 namang present ako lagi sa mga gatherings kayalang hini ko na talagakaya. Enjoy nalang friend and my regards to our batchmates. I'll see you one of these days. May you stay the same alman that ive met & may you receive what your heart desires. God bless youf riend i love you.. Happy birthday!
74. jenny (AMCI 2k5) - Ey alman, party was a blast! Tnx, hapi bday agen ü
I'm probably one of those unlisted ones. Hehe. Paloys.
but i have your number. hmmm... when do you leave by the way? fabs, you and i should go out for hot choco or something (teka, baka mag nosebleed ako). :D
Hmm. I did greet you, right?! Haha. But just to be sure: belated happy birthday!

I hope I can meet up with you guys within the week. But I'm still recovering from surgery myself, like your brother. My surgery, though, is for cosmetic reasons but, unfortunately, there were some complications post-surgery and recovery is taking longer. I don't know when I can comfortably and, more importantly, safely go out.
so you finally had the tuck. i'm sure you're going to be so hot after this. haha. watch out world! a hot bod, good looks, and brains! unfair! and yeah, you did greet me. i remember that distinctly. haha.