Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

hanging by a thread

there is a man outside my window! that doesn't sound terribly alarming until you consider the fact that i am actually at my office on the 30th floor! i am not imagining things, or making them up, but i've been anticipating this for some time now. annually, the external glass panes of the shiny RCBC plaza are given a much needed bath by cleaners suspended from the rooftop, much like you see in the movies. i said i'd photograph them should they show up, so i quickly rolled up my blinds, took out my phone, and snapped the picture on the left. it seems pretty safe. the metal box is supported by steel cables, and he has a body harness. he refused to make eye contact with me even while he was conscious that i was taking photos of him. i wonder if it's scary out there. i'd like to try it. haha.

my window faces salcedo village, and the streets below are actually h.v. dela costa and valero. i hope he makes another pass since my windows still have these stains. i've always wondered, whenever i'm down on the street, where my spot on the building is.
Tags: makati, rcbc, work
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